Calibration Station Schedule
  • 4-10: Finish electronics if not done. Start Testing; fix what's broken
  • 4-17: Integrate with software
  • 4-24: Meeting of the minds prep - make a poster
  • 5-01: Finals week soon, and meeting of the minds
Traffic Navigation Schedule
  • 4-10: demo create graph, integrate all parts, intersections
  • 4-17: search graph, transmit between robots
  • 4-24: debugging, make poster
  • 5-01: MotM

List of current tasks

Behaviors for Traffic Navigation
  • Mapping
    • Dev, Prashant, Priya, James
  • Not crashing at intersections
    • Alex L fixed this, but needs demo
  • Barcodes: Automate the entire process
    • Needs entered into database
    • Alex Z, Grant, Dan
Graph Display
  • 1. Send all data as a union of structs
  • 2. Transmit data and convert to graphable format
    • Where does this conversion happen?
  • 3. Process graph data and display
Physical Map
  • Alex M, Priya
Calibration Station Software Scout
  • Met again on Wednesday
  • Funding from companies
  • Updates from Kevin
  • Alex Lam found out that a lot of batteries don't recharge well
  • I talked to Robbie, who heard that conversation too
    • We can probably get a bunch of batteries with general roboclub money soon.
Progress on papers?
  • Check out a paper George suggested! It's on the wiki.
URO Money
  • Remember to steal use it