Current SURG

  • Diagnostic station
    • Where are we on our old timeline?
      • Try to get lead screw done, order the motor this week.
    • Need to buy a motor
    • Using the atom - hook up our arduino
    • Start getting software written (John and Evan)
  • Scout
    • Call Dan Shope now AND after meeting
    • Ping kwoo about hardware
    • Priya will bug people
    • Scout meeting
    • New Scout leadership?
    • Autonomous charging
    • Weekly meetings Wednesdays 2200-2230
      • Abe, Ben, Jeff, Alex, Alex, Other Alex, Prashant, Priya, Dev
  • Line-following
    • Stuff is installed
      • We only have 2 more MUX's
      • Should we order more MUX's?.
  • Registering for MotM
    • Get your laptops ready

Behaviors for Traffic Navigation

  • Mapping
    • Prashant, Dev, James
  • Not crashing at intersections
    • Alex L, Ben (rewrite queue), Priya, Willis
  • Barcodes: Automate the entire process
    • Alex Z, Grant, (Dan)
Calibration Station Software
  • Store information in MySQL database
  • Evan will pull information out and display on another website
    • We'll then put that within a tab on the wiki
  • John wants to write in Java, but serial ports are difficult
    • Suggested cross-platform libraries for serial


  • Topic: Scout
  • We're currently editing the document on Google Docs.
  • I've given tickets to people to write sections
    • I can give you a ticket if you don't have one.
  • Go Play
  • Capture Flags
  • Use stuff
  • Sing Yankee Doodle
Anyone want to write a paper?
  • Our advisor George Kantor suggested it.

Colony Frisbee!