Current SURG

  • Shop Training
    • Tomorrow 9am-12pm
    • Contact Andrew Burks (aburks@cmu)
  • Diagnostic station
    • New members
    • Where are we on our old timeline?
      • Try to get lead screw done, order the motor this week.
    • Need to buy a motor
    • Using the atom - hook up our arduino
    • Start getting software written (John and Evan)
  • Scout
    • Call Dan Shope now AND after meeting
    • Autonomous charging
  • Line-following
    • Can we get the MUX to sit flat?
      • 90-degree connector
      • Shorter Wires
      • lower angle attaching to MUX
      • solder wires directly to MUX
    • Finish mounting sensors
      • We have a bunch of wires made, have all the parts, and holes drilled in many robots. (Thanks Alex L.)
      • Drill more holes and mount parts.
    • Time to start higher-level behaviors
      • We will have new sensors on multiple robots soon, and they are getting good readings.
      • Volunteers to work on behaviors?
  • New wireless
    • Ben is testing a new library with easier send/receive functions.
Our library doesn't compile from scratch?
  • This sounds like a problem.
  • Joseph will work on this.

Behaviors for Traffic Navigation

  • Mapping
    • Prashant, Dev, James
  • Not crashing at intersections
    • Alex L, Ben (rewrite queue), Priya, Willis
  • Barcodes: Automate the entire process
    • Alex Z, Grant, (Dan)
Calibration Station Software
  • New Apache


  • March 23
    • Keep thinking of new ideas
      • Mapping cities with closed-loop algorithms