Meeting organization stuff:

  • Nice job yesterday. We got a lot done.
    • Plenty of hardware installed, and we verified that it works on at least one robot
    • We need to make more wire components from this model, install MUX's, and finish the project.
    • Meeting plan:
      • We get a lot done when we actually work (only 4 hours a week)!
      • Friday meetings: it's ok to bring your laptops and do work. We just want the rest of the project to know what you've been up to.
  • Making wires: Alex Lam

Things to do next:

  • Places Colony can go
    • Mapping
    • SLAM
    • Forming a graph of a map or city
    • Calibrating everything (this would be really cool)
    • Colony Scout
    • Debugging tools to display what the robots are thinking.
      • Statusbot: hook up an additional robot to a computer and have it stream data one-way

Current Projects

  • Diagnostic station
    • Timeline for the hardware
      • Last weekend: get the new parts ordered for the turntable, assemble the milled components
      • This week: select and attach motor and baseplate
      • Next week for electrical components and fixing the turntable
    • Did we find a motor?
      • We might need to just buy a motor, as well as baseplate.
    • Using the atom - hook up our arduino
      • Need to get more I/O on that to handle all the sensors
      • Need a MUX board?
    • Start getting software written (John and Evan)
  • Scout
    • Dan Shope is coming this weekend!
    • We should pick that up.
  • 6 or 7 line-following sensors are installed
    • Electrical part is tested and works!
      • Need to finish mounting the sensor on the robots
  • New wireless
    • Ben is testing a new library with easier send/receive functions.