• New computer!
    • The atom computer. Its name is Marvin.
    • You can ssh into it at, as well as other places.
      • The username is colony. Ask for the password if you don't know.
  • New meeting times!
    • Monday 4:30 - 6:30
    • Thursday 4:30-6:30
    • Friday status meeting at 4:30, NSH 1109
  • Diagnostic station
    • Timeline for the hardware
      • This weekend: get the new parts ordered for the turntable, assemble the milled components
      • Next week: select and attach motor and baseplate
      • Week for electrical components and fixing the turntable
      • Week for fine-tuning/fixing problems
      • Week for IR grid
      • Unknown: milling the lead screw
    • We'll need someone next week to help find a motor.
      • We might need to just buy a motor, as well as baseplate.
    • Using the atom - hook up our arduino
      • Need to get more I/O on that to handle all the sensors
      • Need a MUX board?
    • Start getting software written
      • John and Evan will pick up work on the website backend, once the hardware comes together.
    • Good progress is being made
  • Scout
    • Dan Shope is hard to get in contact with
      • Apparently just for Ben, other people can talk to him
  • Colony Fix-it day
    • Success?
      • THANKS DEV, well done.
    • How many did we get through examining? Were fixes made?
    • Line following sensors are in the process of being installed
      • First priority: test that the electrical part works
      • Need to finish mounting the sensor on the robots
    • Will work on this soon