Status Updates: 11/12/10

Week of 10/30/10 - 11/12/10

Current Projects:

  • New Assignments
    • Better terrain for hunter-prey etc. (Walls)
    • SURG Mats (Paper, roads, reflective paint)
      • Talk to photographer for getting more free large-scale paper
    • Hardware (Nico)
      • Will have it done by Monday night / Tuesday Morning
  • SURG - Traffic Navigation
    • 213 and 211 caused trouble this week
    • Highways - Alex Z, Matt, Mark, Abe, James, Dev
      • Initial map created
      • Tried using encoders, but those sensors weren't connected
      • Lane change functionality added
      • Next to focus on passing (try using BOMs to tell when you've passed someone)
    • Intersections - Ben, Jeff, Priya, Alex L, Willis, Joseph, Vinay
      • Sub-sub-projects making progress
      • None done yet or ready for a demo
      • Committing to DEMO next Friday!
    • Barcodes - Dan J., John S., Willis
      • Spacing? Talk of using different foreground/background colors?
      • Need to start barcode database
      • Need to come up with how to partition barcode
  • SURG - Diagnostic Station - John H, John S, Chris M
    • WE GOT IT!!!!
      • $938
    • Mechanical assembly making good progress
    • Exploring options for electrical side:
      • Use a dragonfly board either as stand-alone or as an intermediate to a full-blown computer
      • Use an Arduino as an intermediate to a full-blown computer
      • Use a LabVIEW data collection system with a full-blown computer
      • Obtain an Atom computer
        • Does not come with an OS. Would have to troubleshoot this.
      • George mentioned small USB devices which give you access to analog channels. Might have to write drivers for it, though.
  • Scout - Dan Shope
    • Had good meeting on Wednesday
    • Scheduler
      • Evan to look into Justin's code
      • Austin made schedule for snake lab. Evan will investigate.
      • Max B. graciously loaning us one of the AVRs
      • AVR is sot of like a priority queue for communication
    • Purchased GUMSTIX!
      • Looking into ROS, specifically GUMROS.
      • Soon to have REAL code on AVR, fake code on GUMSTIX
    • Make Wednesday 9:30
  • Good old ticket ideas
    • Reminder to start on some of these as assigned last week.
Cleaning up old projects
  • Filter Design - Emily
  • Rangefinders Fitting - Brad, Ben P, Megan
    • From last week: Speak with Megan - Ben P
    • Did this happen?