Status Updates: 10/22/10

Weeks of 10/08/10 - 10/22/10

  • SURG Proposed! Did everyone join the project online?
  • ...We submitted it, right?

Current Projects:

  • SURG - Traffic Navigation - Ben, Dan Shope, Dan J., Vinay, Dev
    • Awesome progress! Demo time!
    • Sensors work now that other things don't mess them up.
    • Collimator for the sensor - doesn't look like we need this anymore.
    • Need to get supplies and make a map for the bots.
      • Possibly use a whiteboard, or black tape, or printed
    • Sensors and MUX's have been ordered
    • Nico will start work on a MUX so we can have all the sensors working.
      • Progress here?
  • Introductory Labs - John, Alex, Joseph, Abe, James, Nico
    • Biggest issue: document what robots work for Lab1 and 2
      • People assigned to this: Alex, Abe, John H, James
    • Progress on Lab2
      • Many people passed the checkpoint - well done!
      • Extended one week
      • Ben working on wireless test and referee
  • Diagnostic Station - John H.
    • Mechanical side is largely developed, need people interested in interfacing the electrical system with the mechanical system.
    • SURG proposal submitted
      • Everyone should accept the invitation
  • Scout - Dan Shope
    • Scoutfly v1.1 Arrived! 5 boards from Gold Phoenix
      • Began soldering/assembly on Thursday
    • Breakfly arriving this week from ITeadStudio
    • Moving to 100:1 ratio motors (3-4mph, 10lb payload) for increased torque
    • BOM Test code (send,receive) - Evan, Abe, Justin S
    • Got a contact for Gumstix, sending a donation/sample request - Chris Mar
  • Talk to companies for funding
    • Qualcomm
    • SpaceX
  • Good old ticket ideas
    • Reminder to start on some of these as assigned last week.
Cleaning up old projects
  • Filter Design - Emily
  • Rangefinders Fitting - Brad, Ben P, Megan
    • From last week: Speak with Megan - Ben P
    • Did this happen?