Status Updates: 10/01/10

Week of 09/24/10 - 10/01/10

Current Projects:

  • SURG - Traffic Navigation - Ben, Dan Shope, Dan J., Vinay, Dev
    • We have a sensor installed and some problems getting nice readings. Code under development.
    • Need to get line following started soon - next Friday.
      • Ben needs help testing IR/Analog
      • Dev writing line following
      • Vinay writing bar-code reader.
        • Has code written, ready for testing
      • Dan J. working on testing sensor
      • Different algorithm?
    • Collimator for the sensor (Megan)?
  • Introductory Labs - John, Alex, Joseph, Abe, James, Nico
    • Biggest issue: document what robots work for Lab1 and 2
      • People assigned to this: Alex, Abe, John H, James
    • New members want to come in on the weekend
    • Prize - we were going to reexamine after a week's progress
    • Planning for Lab2
      • Checkpoint after a week?
      • Ben working on wireless test and referee (need anything?)
      • Joseph working on writeup, partially written
    • Introducing SVN and having them download the code that way
      • Alex writing svn writeup and documentation
      • Need to set up labs repository (this will make the writeup easier)
  • Diagnostic Station - John H.
    • Goal is to order parts soon
    • Update?
    • Behind schedule, but making progress
    • Got another engineer to help
  • Scout - Dan Shope
    • Sending for Scoutfly quote this weekend (1-3days?)
    • Breakfly board design underway - should be done by next weekend
    • 4th Mechanical Protoype - purchasing parts, testing
    • All sensors now integrated into design
    • BOM Test code (send,receive) - Evan?
    • Bom transmitting digital data instead of distance
      • Backwards?
    • Most mechanical things almost done
    • Still need Gumstix
  • Website and Publicity
    • Dance video is up
    • I'd like to get this on the roboclub website.
  • Good old ticket ideas
    • Get the bad robots working. This is now high priority, need to assign people.
    • ADC ref voltage issue (from Austin) 3.3 v. 5 volts. See if this is an issue.
    • usb_put* function with fixed-width
      • sprintf does it well enough, not an issue
    • Battery level indicator
      • Boot mode or hardware?
      • People interested in working on it: Alex, Ankit, Prashant
    • Better sanity check for invalid BOM type
      • Stop the user from making the BOM "4.0" or something. Valid are "1.0" and "1.5"
    • Check/Order robot battery clips - Nico
      • Ordering 2 for testing
      • Fix the pants later
    • Look into fixing encoder code

  • Administrative - John S
    • Add new members to roboclub(8) after intro labs
Cleaning up old projects
  • Filter Design - Emily
  • Rangefinders Fitting - Brad, Ben P, Megan
    • From last week: Speak with Megan - Ben P
    • Did this happen?