Status Updates: 09/24/10

Weeks of 09/17/10 - 09/24/10

Current Projects:

  • SURG - Traffic Navigation - Ben, Dan Shope, Dan J., Vinay, Dev
    • Line following sensors arrived; one is installed
    • Progress of sensing; different sensors seem to be set to different ranges.
    • Start writing the sensor code to get line following ready. All tasks should be done, assuming the sensors work.
      • Ben needs help testing IR/Analog
      • Dev writing line following
      • Vinay writing bar-code reader.
  • Introductory Labs - John, Alex, Joseph, Abe, James, Nico
    • Lab 0 Status
      • Dance competition is over. Opinions on how it went?
        • No, Weasley, From Russia with Fun, Furioius Oxen (Alex Z), Oops, Lamchop (winner)
    • Lab1 Released
      • We need to document which robots work for this lab!
      • Postpone incentive until progress from week 1 examined
      • More ideas for Lab1
    • Planning for Lab2
      • Checkpoint after a week?
      • How long will we give for this lab?
      • Do we need to get wireless working between a computer and robots to moderate?
      • Ben working on wireless
      • Joseph working on writeup
    • Introducing SVN and having them download the code that way??
      • Alex writing svn writeup and documentation
      • Would this make it too difficult?
  • Diagnostic Station - John H.
    • Meeting on Monday from 3:30p to 4:30p
    • Goal is to order parts soon
    • Update?
      • Nope.
  • Scout - Dan Shope
    • Added arduino, it still works.
    • Inventory work: Saturday 2:30p
    • Prototyping in next few weeks
    • Alex (freshman) has source for mechanical assembling, getting quote
  • Website and Publicity
    • Trying to find pictures for Colony can be hard
      • Current videos is harder
    • We should update the main colony page with new pictures and stuff.
    • We should cut together the dance video, post online.
  • Administrative - John S
    • Add new members to roboclub(8) after intro labs
Cleaning up old projects
  • Filter Design - Emily
  • Rangefinders Fitting - Brad, Ben P, Megan
    • From last week: Speak with Megan - Ben P
    • Did this happen?