Status Updates: 09/17/10

Weeks of 09/10/10 - 09/17/10


  • SURG - Traffic Navigation - Ben, Dan Shope, Dan J., Vinay, Dev
    • Line following sensors arrived; are being installed
    • Start writing the sensor code to get line following ready. All tasks should be done, assuming the sensors work.
      • Ben needs help testing IR/Analog
      • Dev writing line following
      • Vinay writing bar-code reader.
    • Need to get more batteries?
      • Buy new batteries now and save them until we start having problems?
      • Nico's got it. Ticket assigned.
  • Introductory Labs - John, Alex, Joseph, Abe, James, Nico
    • Lab 0 Status
      • Dance competition next Friday
      • Winner gets prize
      • See a lot of members with copy/pasted code, but don't actually understand how to use it
    • Progress on Lab 1 rewrite
      • Add in Serial section
  • Diagnostic Station - John H.
    • Meeting on Monday from 3:30p to 4:30p
    • Goal is to order parts soon
  • Scout - Dan Shope
    • Added arduino, it still works.
    • Inventory work: Saturday 2:30p
  • Evan Presents: Interrupts
  • Cleaning up old projects
    • Filter Design - Emily
    • Rangefinders Fitting - Brad, Ben P, Megan
      • Speak with Megan - Ben P