Status Updates: 09/03/10

Weeks of 08/27/10 - 09/03/10

  • Cleaning up old projects
    • Need to get these taken care of by next week
    • Filter Design - Emily
    • Rangefinders Fitting - Brad, Ben P, Megan
      • Speak with Megan - Ben P
  • Library/Wireless Clean-up - David, Ben W, Abe
    • Do we have our ultimatum?
      • Flashback (last week): Ben will contact David and come up with ultimatum
  • Scout - Dan Shope, Ben
    • Anything more on status?
      • Board design finished, has been double checked several times
      • Don't know where we stand on budget
    • ETA to first round of prototypes?
      • AT LEAST until March :(
    • From last week:
      • What is going on with the OS? Contact Brad
      • Need to get boards printed
      • How to get chip not being produced? Can we verify Kevin's design without chip?
        • We purchased (5) of these chips, in stock at Digikey (fluke)


  • SURG - Traffic Navigation - Ben, Dan Shope, Dan J., Vinay, Dev
    • Notes:
    • The development team has been designing and prototyping new environment sensor to put on each robot
    • Environment prototyping on hold until line following hardware is in.
    • Start writing the sensor code to get line following ready. All tasks should be done, assuming the sensors work.
    • Need to get more batteries?
    • Get a set of robots that work well, then start fixing the old robots.
  • Evan tells us about stuff
    • Next friday: Even presents DIO.
  • New Member Colony Meeting
    • 09/10, what time?
    • Advertise for this at the RoboClub GB meeting (09/03 @ 5:30p), with up-to-date GB slide
      • Remind the general RoboClub list after GB meeting
    • Prepare demos and presentation for the 09/10 meeting
    • Advertise outside of the GBM?
  • Set up meeting times
  • Very Soon.