Status Updates: 04/30/10

Weeks of 04/23/10 - 04/30/10

  • MoM: SURG - Formation Control - Alex, James C., Joel, Echo, Dan J.
    • Presentation type: Poster
      • Need to start preparing poster. Need to get to George by Monday before MoM
        • Everyone can pitch in. Look at older posters in the club.
      • Presenters: Alex and James C.
      • Get MATLAB simulation from Brad for poster/video
    • Poster Sections to write
      • Get to Circle
        • Alex, James C.
      • Equal Spacing
        • Joel
      • Group Move
        • Alex, James C.
      • Unlink (lemmings)
        • Dan J.
  • Library/Wireless Clean-up - David, Ben W, Abe
    • wl_get_basic can now receive packets
      • might be a bug when receiving longer packets
    • wl_dispatch can now receive packets
    • there's corruption in larger packets between the xbee and the dragonfly, so we might have to do our own checksum and acking instead of letting the xbee do it for us
    • ACK system can tell if an ack arrived
      • still no resending
    • equivalent to the old library in this current state
  • Scout
  • Demo Folder - Evan
  • Filter Design - Emily
  • Diagnostic Station - Austin
  • Timer Manager - Austin, Brad
  • Rangefinders Fitting - Brad, Ben P, Megan