Status Updates: 04/02/10

Weeks of 03/26/10 - 04/02/10

  • Meeting of the Minds
    • 4 weeks
    • Presentation type: Poster (laptop for videos)
  • SURG - Formation Control - Nico, Alex, James C., Joel, Echo
    • Modularize formations
      • Get to a circle
      • Equal spacing on circle
        • nothing new
      • Move circle
        • Echo is working on math for moving all robots together
          • large error when using BOMs to detect robot positions
        • try using encoders (esp to move straight)
      • Unlink circle into a follow-the-leader, and relink back into a circle
        • Dan J. is working on understanding existing lemmings code
    • Compasses: who wants to take the lead on interfacing with robots?
      • Chris will start, looking for newer member also (Nico)
  • Library/Wireless Clean-up - David, Ben W, Abe
    • Need another week or two
    • Back-and-forth works sometimes, still testing
  • Rangefinders - Chris
    • updated wiki table, check if you are having hardware problems
  • Demo Folder - Evan
    • "lib" has library code
    • "src" has behavior code
    • can type make DemoName in the root demo directory to make and program the demo
    • Demos list: Hunter-Prey, joystick, smart run around
  • Filter Design - Emily
    • MATLAB implementation finished and correct
    • C implementation is still buggy, need another week
    • TODO: make sure this is in repo
  • Diagnostic Station - Austin
  • Timer Manager - Austin, Brad
  • Rangefinders Fitting - Brad, Ben P, Megan