Status Updates: 01/29/10

Weeks of 01/23/10 - 01/29/10
  • SURG - Formation Control - Nico, Steve, Alex, Joel, Dev, Reva, Echo
    • Integrating circle code with equal spacing code
      • Compiles, needs testing
      • Dealing with disconnects between code
      • Will meet on Monday to figure it out
  • Library/Wireless Clean-up - David, Chris, James, Brad, Evan, Ben W, Abe
    • Need help debugging XBee problems
      • Chris will investigate interrupt problem (why is it not executing?)
    • Update Doxygen and put on website
      • Find out why this doesn't work from Kevin or Rich
  • Filter Design - Emily, Austin
    • Limit unnecessary computation
      • Save last 10 or so values and only calculate rangefinder value when needed
        • eliminates need for scheduler (ignore below)
    • Scheduler - Austin, Justin
      • Use for filter to poll at specific interval
      • current:
        • 16 times/sec, check for other tasks, context switch if necessary
        • static stack allocation, adapted from 18348 code
        • find in .../projects/scheduler/
        • look for example/starter program
  • Rangefinders Fitting - Brad, Ben P
    • Attempt to make a linear function to correct rangefinder values instead of just an offset
    • Need to get more data - help from Megan
      • A few runs with a single robot (need the same sensors over time)
      • Make sure it's repeatable
  • Rangefinders - Megan
    • Problems with several robots
    • Austin will look
  • Colony Compass - James
    • Would be useful for formation control
    • We may have money to throw at this
  • Analog - James, Evan
    • Sync up with scheduler
    • Just run ADC on demand analog reads. it will be really fast.
    • Testing the code now.
    • Make it work, then clean up the old code.