Status Updates: 11/06/09

Weeks of 10/31/09 - 11/06/09

  • Subversion - Chris
    • Allows multiple people to work on same code, projects
      • Central copy, upload and download changes to your local, working copy
    • Easy way to distribute updates, make sure everyone is using the same version
  • SURG - Formation Control - Nico, Austin
    • Three formations: Circles, Secret Service, Dynamic Formations
    • See link for details
  • ADC Prescalar Testing - Evan
    • Once every 500ms at different (constant) voltage levels
    • Constantly (stress test, see if heat introduces noise) at different voltage levels
    • Constantly over extended period of time (5 minutes) at different voltage levels
    • Varying input voltage over extended period of time (use function generator)
  • Remove Analog Loop - James, Evan
    • Timer-based ADC Scheduling
    • Change analog_get8 to return a UINT8 instead of an INT (we only need 8 bits, not 16)
  • Rangefinders
    • Merge new look-up table into Trunk - Dan
    • Test newly installed rangefinders - Megan, Dan
  • Filter (averaging, exponential averaging, butterworth, ideal low-pass, median) - Emily, John
    • Using MATLAB to analyze the various filters - conclusive results hopefully next week
      • Freq Responses
      • Impulse Responses
      • Truncated Impulse Responses
      • Output Signals from Truncated Impulse Responses
  • Makefile Architecture Rewrite - David
    • Re-architect Makefile structure in repository to use centralized model
      • Changes to central makefile will immediately affect all linked makefiles
    • Auto-rebuild of library when changes are made to source files
      • Option to force rebuild, if you think it's needed ("make library")
    • Changes currently applied only in the unit test directory
      • will be applied to entire repository after a week of testing
  • Library/Wireless Clean-up - David, Chris, James, Brad, Evan, Ben, Abe
    • Two modes (fast & reliable, like UDP & TCP)
      • Automatic error checking, resending packets
    • Init Function Clean-up
    • See link for more details
    • Add Wireless Documentation to Website - see here