Status Updates: 10/30/09

Weeks of 10/24/09 - 10/30/09

  • Introductory Lab Demo - Hunter-Prey
  • ADC Prescalar Testing - Evan
    • Tested faster ADC clock running once every 500ms at different (constant) voltage levels
    • Will test faster ADC clock running constantly (stress test, see if heat introduces noise)
    • Will test moving voltage to see if consistency/noise is an issue
      • Look at using function generator
  • Remove Analog Loop - James, Evan
    • Don't remove analog loop
    • Look at timing, scheduling of other code around interrupt
  • Filter (averaging, exponential averaging, butterworth, ideal low-pass) - Emily, John
    • Using MATLAB to analyze the various filters - conclusive results hopefully next week
      • Freq Responses
      • Impulse Responses
      • Truncated Impulse Responses
      • Output Signals from Truncated Impulse Responses
  • Init Function Clean-up - Brad, David
    • Checks multiple inits, dependencies
    • Dragonfly library done, working on wireless library
      • Something broke, need to investigate
      • Maybe something was relying on multiple inits
    • xbee_init()?
      • rename to indicate serial, not xbee
  • Makefile RAM size check - David
    • adds up .data and .bss sizes and checks that they are less than 4096 bytes
    • only in the unit test directory
    • re-architect Makefile structure in repository
      • use centralized model (changes will propagate)
  • Get new XBee-to-USB boards
    • Build our own or buy pre-made?
  • Wireless cleanup
    • meet this Wednesday to figure this out (and init stuff)
  • SVN Access next week, presentation next Friday
  • Part Order List
    • Rangefinders - Jimmy
    • Test New Rangefinders - Dan, Megan