• Topics
    • Goals
    • E-Week
      • Smart run around
      • Joystick
    • Public Website - Rich Hong
      • Migrate old public website pages to new Drupal site
  • Status Updates
    • Simulator
      • Motors work. (need delay_ms to actually test if it is working very well..)
      • Next week: environment (rectangles and circles), rangefinders & multiple robots
    • Robot ID's
      • All 15 robots that have wheels are now programmed with their robot ID and BOM type
        • The code to view and edit these settings is in the newly created code/tools/ folder. The code runs on the robot and connects to usb for input.
    • Diagnostic Station
      • 70% finished with CAD model
      • encoders for dyno seleted
      • turntable servo solution found
      • stylish flip-back-and-under hinge
      • still need to work out moving gate
        • some kind of telescoping deal (I've got some ideas in mind, but nothing on paper)
      • John needs help
    • Encoders
      • All 15 have the encoders on the correct way
      • Need someone to test them out.
    • Mapping
      • Gathering data - Abe
        • Ran the robot on 3 courses to gather data
        • Maps generated (via Matlab) generally (in the case of simple courses) or vaguely (in the case of more complex course) resemble the layout of the course
        • View results at <svn root>/trunk/docs/projects/mapping/testResults/
        • Will continue testing, possibly with more rigorous methodology
    • Charging Station - Evan, Tim
      • Brian fixed a token ring bug
      • May need help on robot side of urinal algorithm - location of code in repo