• Topics
    • Mapping
      • How to convert double on robot to double on computer?
      • Must experiment with non-blocking remote control
        • Try storing data, then sending to server in one go?
  • Status Updates
    • Project - Your Name
      • Specifics
    • I2C Connectivity --Abhinav, Nolan, Tim
      • Difficulty in connecting, lots of issues
      • Might be easier to just test I2C from charging base to charging base
    • Motors/Lights/Wireless -- Kevin
      • Lights blows away the timer settings for the rtc, which wireless depends on (it doesn't do "clear on compare match", while wireless does)
      • Lights needs 16bit compare register
      • Motors are on the other 16bit timer but only use 8 bits of precision
      • Timer0 is free and is an 8 bit timer
      • Move motors -> time0, lights -> timer 2
    • BOM LED cover - Jimmy
      • BOM LED cover designed; looks awesome. Not sure if parts have been ordered
    • Charger Boards - Nico, Emily
      • Functions for LEDs have been written
      • Messed with the duty-cycle timer a bit; further work required
    • Mapping data collection - Abe
      • Changed polling interval to 20 times per second
      • Most of the incoming data packets aren't being logged by the remote control program, probably due to interference from the outgoing control packets
      • I couldn't get the robot to move via remote control with the new (odometry-using) code
        • Nevermind
      • Have basic framework in place to plot rangefinder data in realtime - Tudor
    • Mapping with multiple robots - David
      • working on behavior to take advantage of multiple robots
        • not much code yet, but ideas more refined after meeting this week
    • Token Ring - Tudor
      • Trying to speed it up by dropping a bot from the ring if no ACK received, instead of by waiting for next robot to time out