• Status Updates
    • Robot Maintenance - Jimmy
      • All robots are wired for encoders
      • Whatever the homing sensor beacon wiring harness plugs into on the robot was flipped. (On all robots)
      • New BOMs installed on robots that previously didn't have one
    • Encoders
      • Properly aligning the magnets for the encoders is nearly impossible
        • Look into spacers
      • Remaining encoder boards need to be soldered (~10)
      • Error checking code added
      • Mounting issues to be fixed in code
      • See trac page for robot status - Please Keep Up-To-Date
    • BOM/Token Ring Test - David
      • Prints table of bom values for all robots in token ring
      • Works for all robots with wireless id less than 15 - look to increase this number
      • Token ring takes several seconds to establish, but Brian says its fine
    • Charge bay homing beacons - Evan
      • Austin made them work
      • Initialize with bayboard_init(ALL_ON); like everything else
      • Still need to test with a robot to determine if the frequencies are matched to the correct side
    • Autonomous Recharging
      • Mount charge boards with encoders
    • BOM 1.5 code
      • Needs testing, merge next week
  • SURG Ideas - Austin will take the lead
    • Reliability, Robustness, Fault Tolerance (all 15 robots)
      • Environment * Diagnostic tool set - jtag * Simulation - from the ground up (not Player Stage)
    • Best Practices
    • Robot Shell - art SURG