• Discuss meeting structure and availability
    • Add availability to main Colony Page, phone numbers to Members page
  • Organize Getting Started on the wiki
    • Pay your dues!
  • Key access to club room
    • Pay your dues!
  • Charging Batteries
    • 2.0A not 3
  • SVN Etiquette
    • Comment your commits
  • Status Updates
    • Wireless works on bay boards (token ring has issues) -- Brian, Austin and Bradford
      • Compiling for wrong architecture
      • Token ring doesn't work yet
    • Sanity checks for charge by orbs and BOM done. -- Evan
    • Debugging homing beacons. How to set global interrupt enable? -- Evan
    • Analog test code now exists (prints analog table to TeraTerm) -- John
      • Find a way to validate data
    • LCD and rangefinder test code now exists -- David
    • 334KB zip file with decent starter code/tutorials/truncated library that could be distributed to freshman to do work for their first few weeks. -- Bradley
      • Works without repository
      • Basic tutorials, starter code
        • Drives forward, using front rangefinder
      • Wireless not included
      • Includes Doxygen
    • We now have 10 more robots with chassis, motors, recharge contacts, and encoder magnets. Waiting on encoders and screws to mount the wheels.
      • Looking for 15 working robots
    • Replaced old inductors for the new ones all of the 13 charge boards assembled.
      • Need to make 2 more charge boards
    • All robots are forced to COM 4 on all roboclub computers.