Meeting Agenda

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  • Pizza Monday
    • Brad
  • Milk and Cookies
    • Jimmy - 4.4
  • Announcements
    • MOM Registration
      • Poster - James - Obj Manip
        Cooperative manipulation is a critical issue in the field of mobile robotics. The Colony Project is interested in understanding how principles of robotic manipulation apply to a colony of low-cost robots. In situations where multiple robots cooperate, sensor data can be shared, improving the collective intelligence of the colony. We will investigate how cooperating robotic agents utilize shared sensor data and coordinate to efficiently manipulate objects in their environment. In doing so, we seek build a platform for cooperative manipulation applications.
  • Presentation - Brad - Power Management
  • Project Updates
    • Autonomous Recharging
      • Wireless commands working
      • Charge Board problems
    • Charging Station
      • Orb drivers 2/3 fixed
      • BOM library (untested)
    • Encoders
      • High level code started
    • ColoNet + GUI
      • More responsive, refreshes picture more often
      • Battery meter works
      • Rewrote point-and-click code
      • Wireless/token-ring issues
    • Object Tracking
      • Sensor mounted on robot (testing)
      • No useful readings at 8 cm
      • Needs encoders
    • Object Manipulation
      • Orbit working
      • Integrating BFS
      • Brad and James to work on communication between cooperating robots
    • SLAM
  • Discussion Items
    • New XBee status on Trac
      • Separate list for XBee modules and for dongle boards
      • Try to keep them together
  • Monday
  • Anything else?