Colony General Meeting
Friday, November 11th

Status Updates
  • Cooperative Photovore
    • Pretty much works. With moving
      • Robots die too often for this to work
      • Lots of theories, nothing concrete.
      • Will try lots of voodoo to fix this
    • Rolled back to the old code from the Summer
      • All the new buffered analog and stuff just made it worse
    • Not really sure what to do.
      • Bypass motors. Seemed to work on Robot0?
      • Robot0 is basically like the elder of the colony and doesn't mess around.
  • Big CS discussion ensues
    • Form and methods discussed.
  • Encoders
    • Feng's function works
      • Not super accurate but it is reasonable
    • New set of functions being created
      • Will use interrupts
      • Currently having interrupt problems
  • Location/Homing
    • Haven't been able to test (Felix is a robot monger)
    • All the code is there but the homing doesn't work? <---Conflicting reports
  • CFS (Colony File System)
    • Works, just cleaning it up
    • In CFS directory
    • Putting in trig tables
    • Custom button1_click or debounce will be added to the firefly+ lib
  • Charging Station
    • Powersupply that was used actually was limited to 0.5A
    • New powersupply gets up to 1.4A
      • Need a heatsink, it gets upto 150F
        • Will get different FET
    • Will try to use the power supply in the shop next
  • MIDI Parser
    • Uploaded to the SVN
    • /code/midi/
  • ColoNet
    • Continued to debug the wireless
      • Part to form the token ring with a computer
    • Nothing interesting at the moment (too much outside work)
  • Simulator
    • Try to figure out how it all works
      • Syntax of player has no documentation
      • Work backwards from Ian's old code
    • He is sad. Someone help him.
  • Library Conventions
    • No capital letters
    • No spaces
  • Attendence
    • It was low
    • Don't make Felix angry. Come to work
  • New Robots
    • Supposedly being made
    • Supposedly will be back soon
  • Presentation
    • Brad presenting next week
    • Emailed out the paper he is doing
      • Read it so that you can contribute
    • Title: Reward and Diversity in Robot Foraging
  • 17 People. No grads. No advisor.