Colony General Meeting
Friday, November 3rd

Status Updates
  • Marching Band
    • Demo
      • Robots communicate to synchronize, play music together and march together.
      • Moves and music are hard coded.
      • No encoders mean that turning is inaccurate.
        • Use BOM to stay allinged
  • ColoNet
    • Wireless library
      • Makes the server connect to the token ring
      • Compiles (mostly) but has not been tested <Sarcasm> Mostly done </Sarcasm>
      • Done in Eugene style but the implementation is the same
      • Need to start thinking about the base station's role in the ring and be special
    • Server application
      • Basic server made
      • Greg collaboration needed
    • Rich Command set
      • Tell robots what to do wirelessly
        • Will be standardized
    • Wireless Programming
      • Dirty hack: "Best of Colony" Behavior
  • New Robot
    • Works so far
    • Will work out kinks on the sea-saw effect
    • Will talk to Brian about making more boards and LCDs
    • On schedule to send out the boards on Monday
  • Auto-Recharge Circuitry
    • Issues
      • AVR does not recognize that the battery needs to be charged
      • Removed the Tiny and it still does not work (.5A max)
        • No feedback so diagnosing is impossible
      • Going to change some components
      • Deadline may slip, daughterboard may happen
        • Switch to another AVR (bigger tiny?)
          • Will require code rebuilding
    • Locate Station
      • Merging with locate
        • Using orbit and beacon right now, plan to use homing next
          • Orbit is cool because Feng made it and it has a cool control law
          • Need two orbits to make it stable...
        • Only using the turning part now. Not actually orbitting
      • Homing
        • Lots of noise in the sensors
        • Different angles do not help
        • Get better sensors, Part research time
  • Photovore
    • Checking the bad sensor helps
    • But the bad sensor is messed up
    • Get rid of the analog buffering
      • But can't get the photovoring without the buffering
      • Work on cooperative part first, photovore will come next
  • File System
    • Done, just need to clean up
    • Need to add things like the sin table etc
    • There's a fancy menu to browse
    • Added a new button function
      • Detects a button click: waits until the button is released before returning a 'hit'
      • Will be added to the firefly+ lib/dio.c
    • Will be commented well
  • New Wireless
    • Change your baud rate!
      • Now it is 15200 instead of 9600
    • If you do not change this in your behavior, it will die a painful death. Repeatedly.
  • Colony Plan
    • Now on the repository
    • Check it out from the repository for the most updated
    • One folder up from the code directory
    • In the documents folder next to code
  • Robots
    • Robot 0 should get a BOM
Party Time
  • You should've gone to the party which is in 30 minutes.
  • 21 People, Including Grads and Advisor.