Colony General Meeting
Friday, October 27th

Status Updates
  • ColoNet
    • Demoed wireless control over the internet
      • We controlled it from a room across campus and watched with the webcam
      • There is a problem with the dongle
        • The board is messed up, not the chip. It's not marked but it will be soon.
      • More work to be done
        • Client program
        • Server to handle talking from robots to server and clients to server
        • Integrate server into the token ring
  • AutoRecharge
    • Charge Station
      • Demoed the new low profile charging ring
    • Charging
      • Charging circuitry ordered, will be here next week
      • We can amplify voltages using the AVR. Oh word. (10x, 200x)
        • Requires two analog ports
      • Can sense current draw as well
        • Homing
          • Demoed the robot homing in on a charging station. Works.
      • Locating Docking Station
        • Works
      • Merge Homing and Locating
  • Environment
    • Make out of plywood.
      • No transportation available
      • Small one will be made out of foam.
      • Final one will be nice
      • Done as soon as transportation is located
  • Marching Band
    • Play in sync with each other
    • Now will try to move together.
    • Bug: One that receives the clock signals plays the wrong notes sometimes.
  • File System
    • If you have a lot of big constant data which you don't want to keep compiling
    • Sort of done, but not completely ready.
  • Cooperative Photovore
    • Analog is still broken in buffered mode.
    • We're going to fake it for now.
      • Make the stuck value really high so it will be useless
      • This is BOM0external link in the code or BOM1external link on the physical board
      • This will allow us to continue forward on cooperative photovore
Colony Plan
  • Should've seen it by now
  • Lists all our tasks, who's assigned, and how long you have left
    • Winter and Thanksgiving break is blocked off
    • Progress bars are updated as we go
    • Assign tasks to people who don't have tasks at the moment
    • If you don't have a task, EMAIL FELIXD at CMU.EDU NOW
  • It will be on the web where it was previously (it was in an email from Felix)

Severe Weather Alert for Pittsburgh!!!!!!