Colony General Meeting
Friday 10.6.06

  • Introductions
    • We introduced each other because Aaron can't remember names.
    • Learned interesting stuff about each other.
  • Group Updates
    • ColoNet
      • XBee -> Computer Dongle works.
        • Sends only 0's but not information...(on serial).
    • BOM Squad
      • The intensity of BOM readings over different distances data.
        • Get_max_BOM fails within 1/2 foot (saturates 5 sensors).
        • See graph on wiki (see Aaron's presentation from today).
      • Sensors don't see to be consistent. Some get saturated easier than others.
        • More testing will be done.
        • Blinder test may also be done.
      • Will now work on making the function better
    • Emotions Group -> Marching Band Group
      • Just starting up.
      • Using Austin's MIDI -> Robot Freq program.
      • Find transitions in music to change formations.
      • Play music together and then march together.
      • Compse own music???
    • Maze Group
      • Disbanded. The behavior is finished.
    • Charging Station
      • Someone made a cool model on the computer.
        • Ben made a cool feeler sample for charging from it.
      • First sub-meeting.
        • All subsequent meetings on Tuesdays @ 8:30pm
        • Join the Dlist (rc-colony-
      • Tasks
        • Communication over wireless (modification to the packets)
        • BOM Turning
          • Two robots help each other turn. One turns perpendicular to the other to circumnagivagte to a particular side.
          • BOM Squad should talk to Feng about the BOM, similiar issues that can use collaboration.
        • Base station design
          • Omni-directional docking and charging! Look on wiki for pictures and explanations.
          • Issues about shorting need to be resolved...but later.
    • SURG
      • Greg says you should do them. Please.
      • Deadline is Saturday Evening (ie: TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    • Presentation
      • Given by Aaron.
      • About competing multi-robot systems (ie: colonies).