Mapping Guide

Gathering Data - Instructions for driving robot and receiving relevant data:
  • To start programs:
    • run './test <robot ID>' before turning on robot
    • current revision does not work...update/revert wireless library to 887
  • robot code in trunk/code/projects/mapping/robot
    • make sure the robot you are using has working encoders and wireless
    • take note of wireless ID will need it to run the server code
  • server code in trunk/code/projects/mapping/server
    • Once you've started up robot and server, use these to command robot:
      • W - forward
      • A - left
      • S - back
      • D - right
      • Q - curve left
      • E - curve right
      • X - stop
      • [ - accelerate
      • ] - decelerate
      • 0 (zero) - quit and save data to 'input.txt'
    • Notes about running the server:
      • code requires that you have 'ncurses' installed
      • must compile the wireless library for the computer (if you get '-lwireless' error when you compile)
        • cd trunk/code/projects/libwireless/lib
        • run 'make computer'
Creating Map from Data
  • copy your data file (*.txt) into /trunk/code/projects/mapping/matlab
  • edit map.m file to use your file (default is input.txt)
  • open Matlab and set working directory to same as above
  • run 'map' from command window