Colony Media

Pointers to where you can find videos and pictures of the robots.

Converting jpeg to mpeg

From the old wiki:

To render jpegs into an mpeg use a command similar to
jpeg2yuv -f 25 -I p -j colony-0000000%03d.jpg -b 303 | mpeg2enc -o mpegfile.m1v

Another example:
For a set of images with filenames img-0000003700.jpg to img-0000004555.jpg

The command was jpeg2yuv -f 25 -I p -j img-000000%04d.jpg -b 3700 | mpeg2enc -o ../2007.03.06-scheduler_test2.mlv.

You have to format the filename like a printf statement. So in this case each file had img-000000<4 digit number>.jpg. -b is used to set the starting value of the reference, in this case 3700.

For details see or run jpeg2yuv --help.

MJPEG tools required.