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  behaviors 890 over 11 years Justin Scheiner Changed some odometry stuff. Interrupt is calle...
  lib 924 over 11 years Justin Scheiner Odometry will temporarily not work. Working co...
  projects 944 about 11 years Chris Mar added a test for lights/orbs.

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944 12/02/2008 07:32 PM Chris Mar

added a test for lights/orbs.

940 12/01/2008 07:28 AM Ryan Cahoon

Prototype JNI (Java Native Interface) for libwireless. Compiles, and
java loads the library, but untested with a real scenario or hardware.

939 11/29/2008 08:11 AM Ryan Cahoon

added passing of overhead camera image to client through PHP
fixed unfreed memory in server/vision/savetonetwork.c

938 11/27/2008 06:52 AM Ryan Cahoon

OpenCV now works directly with firewire, coriander is not needed
New vision algorithm integrated, a few issues left with algorithm that
tracks the movement of a specific robot
Removed experimental interface to send images over commands socket
--plan to use php in webserver instead...

937 11/26/2008 09:57 AM Ryan Cahoon

New vision algorithm utilitizing Hough Transform and edge detection
instead of the older one using ellipse fitting and thresholding

936 11/25/2008 05:54 PM Ryan Cahoon

Incremental update; working on:
- new vision algorithm utilizing edge detection instead of thresholding
- sending camera images over sockets instead of using the webserver

935 11/22/2008 11:39 PM Tudor Achim

untested realtime ir plotting

934 11/21/2008 08:20 PM Tudor Achim

Realtime position plotting

932 11/18/2008 11:49 PM Tudor Achim

A working server, with debug printing, some mapping capabilities
Partly for testing

931 11/18/2008 11:44 PM Tudor Achim

changed xbee packet handling, added more info for unexpected packets

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