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  archs 802 over 13 years Brad Neuman fixed test code
  charging_station 790 over 13 years Rich Hong add comments for battery prioritization
  dragonfly 759 over 13 years Chris Mar fiddled with run around, filmed some demos. i h...

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802 09/01/2008 08:42 PM Brad Neuman

fixed test code

797 09/01/2008 08:01 PM Brad Neuman

added basic test code for the archs board

790 09/01/2008 07:34 PM Rich Hong

add comments for battery prioritization

766 05/02/2008 12:48 AM Brad Neuman

added I term to current control, had weird issues with battery #4 where the current reading dops down to 26 for some reason. After this happens, unloaded voltage on bat (through multimeter) reads >6, even though it seemed discharged before. I am doubting it was fully discharged, maybe the 5 minutes actually forced too much current in?

762 05/01/2008 06:06 PM Brad Neuman

made some fixes to robot debug. Also added the current regulation to Charging.c, which seems to work!

759 05/01/2008 04:28 AM Chris Mar

fiddled with run around, filmed some demos. i have yet to make videos...i need to look that up

743 04/28/2008 08:17 PM Brian Coltin

Fixed compilation errors.

734 04/23/2008 10:19 PM Chris Mar

fiddling w/ run_around. i wrote a function that does move(0,0) and delays whenever transitioning between moving forwards and backwards. it calls wl_do() simultaneously, and wireless still appears to work.

715 04/14/2008 11:07 PM Chris Mar

tweaked smart_run_around for recharging...from now on, it will be known as smart_walk/crawl_around. slowing everything down seems to make recharging much more stable. maybe demo-ready.

703 04/14/2008 03:51 PM Brad Neuman

fixed hanging issues in stop.c, should work now NEEDS TESTING
updated to newer version of i2c.c

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