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  code 764 over 12 years Greg Tress Added hack for colonet recharging
  data 5 about 13 years Eugene Marinelli Created trunkand branches directories
  docs 737 over 12 years Brian Coltin Updated wireless documentation.
  hardware 589 over 12 years Austin Buchan added tricolor datasheet in htm form
  pub 607 over 12 years James Kong updated aaai citation on Thought paper

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
764 05/01/2008 08:26 PM Greg Tress

Added hack for colonet recharging

763 05/01/2008 07:58 PM Greg Tress

Testing changes in colonet

761 05/01/2008 02:51 PM Justin Scheiner

Svn gods be kind.

760 05/01/2008 02:50 PM Justin Scheiner

Cleaning up, trying to be safe.

758 04/30/2008 03:30 PM Greg Tress

Fixed the same bug in colonet client

757 04/30/2008 03:29 PM Greg Tress

Fixed bug in colonet client

756 04/30/2008 03:04 PM Greg Tress

Fixed declaration that caused a linking problem

755 04/30/2008 02:57 PM Greg Tress

Fixed wireless error preventing compilation for colonet

750 04/29/2008 08:35 PM David Schultz

object detection has been integrated. can distinguish green object from wall and swarm said object. has issues keeping the token ring going, but wireless packet transmission is fine.

747 04/28/2008 08:42 PM Brian Coltin

Commited new wireless version.

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