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Makefile 166 Bytes 340 over 12 years Brian Coltin We're ready to do a two robot autonomous rechar...
test.c 696 Bytes 743 almost 12 years Brian Coltin Fixed compilation errors.

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743 04/28/2008 08:17 PM Brian Coltin

Fixed compilation errors.

645 03/27/2008 01:11 AM Chris Mar

Wireless commands to request charge and to depart station now work (don't know what was wrong). Demo is
possible...just need charge boards to work.

340 12/15/2007 03:51 PM Brian Coltin

We're ready to do a two robot autonomous recharging video with run around, aside from some docking problems. There seem to be wireless issues with three robots, however.

337 12/15/2007 03:02 PM Brian Coltin

Minor updates to recharging, but the charging board no longer appears to tell us when we're done.

213 11/06/2007 12:07 AM Brian Coltin

Updated recharging code.

92 09/28/2007 03:48 PM James Kong

BRANCH autonomous_recharging branch created

60 09/24/2007 05:13 PM Brian Coltin

Updated wireless library to add different channels.

17 09/10/2007 10:15 PM Brian Coltin

Added wireless library project folder.

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