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  autonomous_recharging 742 about 12 years Austin Buchan
  charge_board 62 almost 13 years Brad Neuman Ported (AKA moved) tiny861 code from the old re...
  encoders 731 about 12 years Ben Poole code commented and cleaned up. should work but ...
  lights 583 over 12 years ibrin finished my lights driver, but it doesn't work;...
  rbom 595 over 12 years Austin Buchan Fixed some logical and typo errors in documenta...
  scheduler 84 almost 13 years James Kong added scheduler files to scheduler branch
  wl_dev 735 about 12 years Brian Coltin Hooray, it seems to work better.

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# Date Author Comment
742 04/28/2008 08:14 PM Austin Buchan
735 04/25/2008 08:14 PM Brian Coltin

Hooray, it seems to work better.

734 04/23/2008 10:19 PM Chris Mar

fiddling w/ run_around. i wrote a function that does move(0,0) and delays whenever transitioning between moving forwards and backwards. it calls wl_do() simultaneously, and wireless still appears to work.

732 04/23/2008 04:08 PM Brian Coltin

New stuff works, fixed bugs, removed malloc.

731 04/23/2008 10:56 AM Ben Poole

code commented and cleaned up. should work but untested.

729 04/22/2008 11:10 PM Austin Buchan

Fixed the issue with green and blue channels coming faintly on at startup. BOM led issues debugged (the JTAG fuse was incorrectly set). lbom now in working order.

728 04/22/2008 08:51 PM Austin Buchan

Changed bom_init and bom_on so that only bom_init needs the type argument. At the moment trying to debug some strange issue where PC4 and PC5 do not turn off.

727 04/22/2008 06:36 PM Ben Poole

encoders work

726 04/21/2008 09:41 PM Greg Tress

Working on bayboard wireless

725 04/21/2008 09:26 PM Greg Tress

fixed LBOM code

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