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  behaviors 733 almost 12 years Chris Mar reverted projects/template/ directory to pre-de...
  lib 696 almost 12 years Chris Mar recompiled library - orb_init was called twice ...
  projects 733 almost 12 years Chris Mar reverted projects/template/ directory to pre-de...

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733 04/23/2008 07:11 PM Chris Mar

reverted projects/template/ directory to pre-demo state. moved run_around demo code into behaviors/smart_run_around_fsm/ directory.

730 04/23/2008 09:47 AM Justin Scheiner

Minor changes (maybe).

724 04/21/2008 11:42 AM Justin Scheiner

More work on odometry code. (Really want to use floats but am avoiding temptation for now.)

723 04/17/2008 09:01 PM Justin Scheiner

Wrote some odometry code. I had the timers the way I wanted them a couple of days ago, but then subversion ate up my code. I have the right interrupt vector now though...

722 04/17/2008 08:33 PM Justin Scheiner

Maybe all of this nonsense will go away now?

721 04/17/2008 08:27 PM Justin Scheiner

Real subversion issues... this is the best I could do so far.

717 04/15/2008 09:06 PM Jason knichel

added a bunch of TODO comments that will improve the style, efficiency, and possibly memory usage of the wireless library

712 04/14/2008 09:15 PM David Schultz
711 04/14/2008 09:09 PM David Schultz

added slowing feature to bfs as it approaches its target, and fixed some rangefinder distances.
added code to allow for better transitioning to seek the final robot in a multiple robot scenario, but needs testing.

710 04/14/2008 09:02 PM Greg Tress

Tweaked vision and various colonet fixes

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