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  analog 442 over 14 years Chris Mar wrote wrapper functions for new BOM code. also ...
  autonomous_recharging 669 about 14 years Evan Mullinix orb library should work code format is correct ...
  battery 310 over 14 years John Sexton Uploaded excel worksheet documenting voltage ex...
  charge_board 62 over 14 years Brad Neuman Ported (AKA moved) tiny861 code from the old re...
  charge_station_isp 626 about 14 years Kevin Woo Created the i2cplugnplay project and copied imp...
  color_sensor 498 over 14 years Andrew Yeager made a copy
  encoders 677 about 14 years James Kong encoder: added data array buffer and accumulators
  formations 253 over 14 years osg branching to "formations"
  lemmings 536 over 14 years David Schultz removed any conflict with other fsm variables. ...
  lights 583 over 14 years ibrin finished my lights driver, but it doesn't work;...
  rbom 595 over 14 years Austin Buchan Fixed some logical and typo errors in documenta...
  scheduler 84 over 14 years James Kong added scheduler files to scheduler branch
  slam 599 about 14 years Justin Scheiner General work on SLAM
  wl_dev 538 over 14 years Brian Coltin Non-working update to wireless, sending separat...

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
677 04/04/2008 10:54 PM James Kong

encoder: added data array buffer and accumulators

676 04/04/2008 09:07 PM Justin Scheiner

Fixed a bug in encoders.

675 04/04/2008 08:46 PM Justin Scheiner


674 04/04/2008 07:43 PM Justin Scheiner

Wrote encoders.c and encoders.h Would GREATLY appreciate it if someone could check if I got the receive function correct. There was a lot of bit twiddling. Useful
functions still need to be written, however receiving raw encoder readings should work (not tested... so don't bet on it)

673 04/04/2008 04:29 PM David Schultz

deleted orbit branch

669 04/01/2008 07:51 PM Evan Mullinix

orb library should work
code format is correct with _BV()

668 04/01/2008 06:17 PM Brian Coltin

Updated port of wireless library to bay boards.

663 03/31/2008 10:08 PM Brad Neuman

it is having problems after the first charge where it gets stuck and stops sending anything

660 03/31/2008 09:14 PM Brad Neuman

stop.c actually does what the folder title implies
It only looks at the homing data and the contact stuff and sends it to the robot

658 03/31/2008 08:24 PM Evan Mullinix

red works?

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