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  code 545 about 12 years Greg Tress Fixed robot selection
  data 5 over 12 years Eugene Marinelli Created trunkand branches directories
  docs 497 about 12 years Kevin Woo Updated the documentation for libdragonfly.
  hardware 548 about 12 years Austin Buchan Board is now updated with probable final layout...
  pub 304 over 12 years Jason knichel my C presentation given during a friday meeting

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
548 02/11/2008 10:33 PM Austin Buchan

Board is now updated with probable final layout locations, now just need to route :(

545 02/11/2008 09:43 PM Greg Tress

Fixed robot selection

542 02/11/2008 09:05 PM Eugene Marinelli

fixed exception on disconnect in client

539 02/11/2008 09:01 PM Eugene Marinelli

spaces to tabs in colonet client

537 02/11/2008 08:57 PM Jason knichel

fixed a bug caused because when you insert into a C++ map when the key already exists, it ignores it instead of
replacing the value with the new value

535 02/11/2008 08:40 PM Eugene Marinelli

more colonet client cleanup

534 02/11/2008 08:40 PM Jason knichel

wrote some code to smooth robot identification across frames to help stop falsely losing robots
changed the vision thresholds

533 02/11/2008 08:22 PM Eugene Marinelli

separate file for RobotIcon in client

532 02/11/2008 08:05 PM Eugene Marinelli

fixed NPE in client

531 02/11/2008 07:54 PM Eugene Marinelli

more cleanup of client

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