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libdragonfly.a 83.4 KB 491 over 13 years Chris Mar removed print statements from new BOM code, rec...
libwireless.a 24.7 KB 382 over 13 years Brian Coltin Oops, #define was wrong in last commit.

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491 02/06/2008 07:54 PM Chris Mar

removed print statements from new BOM code, recompiled library.

452 02/04/2008 09:32 PM Chris Mar

recompiled library with new analog and bom code. still need to make updated documentation.

437 02/04/2008 08:07 PM Kevin Woo

Cleaned up analog.c code. Recompiled library. Mostly commenting and
documentation fixes. No changes made to actual code.

382 01/28/2008 08:25 PM Brian Coltin

Oops, #define was wrong in last commit.

381 01/28/2008 08:03 PM Brian Coltin

Added packet type for recharging to wireless.

366 01/22/2008 09:39 PM Justin Scheiner

The lib things were just because of a few recompilations.
Data requests project works for IR, the problems with IR were almost definitely the problems with the others (encoder / BOM data).
I'll fix the code for those next time, and then begin work on encoders....

339 12/15/2007 03:38 PM Brian Coltin

Fixed analog bug again. Why does it keep coming back?

338 12/15/2007 03:04 PM Brian Coltin

Copying Kevin's analog code over from the analog branch.

336 12/15/2007 02:01 PM Brian Coltin

Updated wireless to use a circular buffer instead of a queue using malloc. Tested on both the computer and robots with a token ring, and was successful.

262 11/12/2007 09:32 PM Brian Coltin

Removed double orb initialization.

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