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  behaviors 211 about 14 years James Kong Modified smart_run_around_fsm to fix the direct...
  lib 382 almost 14 years Brian Coltin Oops, #define was wrong in last commit.
  projects 431 almost 14 years Eugene Marinelli tmp commit for vision changes

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# Date Author Comment
431 02/04/2008 06:21 PM Eugene Marinelli

tmp commit for vision changes

430 02/04/2008 05:46 PM Eugene Marinelli

created a makefile for vision stuff

429 02/04/2008 12:00 PM Greg Tress

Added support for controlling multiple robots, but there is an image loading problem

428 02/03/2008 06:14 PM Greg Tress

Added additional RTS code and visuals

427 02/03/2008 03:28 AM Greg Tress

Began adding functionality for clicking on robots in webcam view.

426 02/02/2008 12:43 PM Eugene Marinelli

logging stuff no longer occurs by default in server

425 02/02/2008 12:33 AM Greg Tress

compatibility updates with colonet server

424 02/02/2008 12:02 AM Eugene Marinelli

changed various things in colonet dragonfly and server to make stuff work

423 02/01/2008 09:33 PM Eugene Marinelli

fixed robot slave and cleaned up some wireless stuff

422 02/01/2008 09:04 PM Greg Tress

removed old image from applet index file

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