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  papers 9 almost 17 years Eugene Marinelli Added 2007_AAAI paper.
  presentations 220 over 16 years Brad Neuman worked on charging section and other sections n...

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220 11/07/2007 03:39 PM Brad Neuman

worked on charging section and other sections near the end. Also added some notes and questions. Trial run from auto-recharge to end took about 10 mins.

219 11/07/2007 01:55 PM Brad Neuman

merged in some auto recharge stuff

218 11/07/2007 01:28 PM James Kong

Updated AAAI presentation

217 11/07/2007 03:42 AM Felix Duvallet

More changes, added motivations, a few slides about charging, and some notes in the notes sections. More stuff too

216 11/07/2007 01:08 AM James Kong

Added new AAAI presentation in 2007_AAAI

215 11/06/2007 01:39 AM Felix Duvallet

Added Roboclub presentation template to repository. Added GDRS presentation because it's a good one

214 11/06/2007 01:37 AM Felix Duvallet

More updates, mostly for prettyness. BOM and ColoNet in particular.

200 11/05/2007 03:01 AM Felix Duvallet

Changes to presentation, not finished yet

199 11/01/2007 09:44 PM Felix Duvallet

added AAAI presentation rough draft

10 09/10/2007 08:29 PM Eugene Marinelli

Added mom2007 poster.

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