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Revision 1988

This is a working version of the code for the demo. It works on Bot 7, and partially on Bot 14. Due to the number of changes here, I'll list them by file:

I added a #define for sendGraph, so its main won't be compiled unless defined. Uncomment the #define line at the top of this file to turn its main on. Make sure you also comment out the #define for main-new. Also, has the new #define for the node wireless packet type.
I changed the output to print to stdout, instead of a file.

I modified the struct that stores and sends node data so it has a wireless packet type (80), and is 1 byte larger to hold it.

One of the intersections on the map was placed incorrectly, and the robot drives off the line if it gets there. I added 2 if statements to control how the robot turns if it is at that intersection. The intersection has barcode numbers 13 and 16.

I changed the target to main-new because that was what I was testing. If you're testing something else, make sure you change this line.

I changed the speed at which the robot drives at. I lowered it from 200 to 180, although this value depends on which bot it was used on. I also changed all of Alex's #ifdef debugging code into #define that takes up less space and makes the code look cleaner.


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