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Name Size Revision Age Author Comment
  code 1786 about 8 years John Sexton Cleaned up joystickPlayer folder.
  data 1400 almost 9 years Abraham Levkoy Added rangefinder #define-correctness test data.
  docs 1427 over 8 years Chris Mar updated wl_basic code, docs, and test. it's rea...
  hardware 589 over 10 years Austin Buchan added tricolor datasheet in htm form
  pub 1787 about 8 years David Schultz added fall 09 surg to the repository

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
1787 04/19/2010 08:24 PM David Schultz

added fall 09 surg to the repository

1786 04/19/2010 08:07 PM John Sexton

Cleaned up joystickPlayer folder.

1785 04/19/2010 08:05 PM John Sexton

Rearranged hunter_prey joystickPlayer file structure.

1778 04/16/2010 01:19 PM Brad Neuman

changed joystick player robot to have dleays between motion states. It's now less responsive but also resets much less

1777 04/16/2010 12:23 PM Brad Neuman

made human tagging easier and added joystick control code from colonet in a subdir of joystickPlayer

1776 04/16/2010 02:12 AM Alex Zirbel

Updated the correctTurn method to the more general aboutFace code

1775 04/16/2010 02:06 AM Alex Zirbel

Fixed the code so it works again with the restructuring; working on a better turning algorithm.

1774 04/16/2010 01:12 AM Alex Zirbel

Restructured the code to include higher-level programming and states devoted to certain actions.

1771 04/12/2010 09:24 PM Brad Neuman

noob mistake: forgot to add files before checking in joystick stuff

1764 04/10/2010 06:06 PM David Schultz

update to makefile for Brad

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