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  code 144 about 16 years Jason knichel added some todo's
  data 5 over 16 years Eugene Marinelli Created trunkand branches directories
  docs 87 about 16 years Brian Coltin Updated build and documentation for libdragonfl...
  hardware 5 over 16 years Eugene Marinelli Created trunkand branches directories
  pub 10 about 16 years Eugene Marinelli Added mom2007 poster.

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
144 10/09/2007 11:14 PM Jason knichel

added some todo's

143 10/09/2007 10:41 PM Jason knichel

improved the data encapsulation of connection pool

142 10/09/2007 09:26 PM Jason knichel

renamed client.cpp and its header file to wirelessMessageHandler.cpp

141 10/09/2007 08:54 PM Jason knichel

made the log file adhere to style guidelines a bit better

140 10/09/2007 08:40 PM Jason knichel

removed the dependency the wireless message handler had on the connection pool

139 10/09/2007 08:22 PM Jason knichel

changed how the command gets its connection pool a little bit

138 10/09/2007 06:05 PM Brian Coltin

More progress on charging... Sometimes the token ring drops out.

136 10/09/2007 01:13 PM Greg Tress

significant changes to colonet gui, added relative velocity control, task add window, support for individually-paintable image panels, ability to request and parse xbee ID lists, ability to display xbee IDs graphically and in control mode, and other minor fixes.

135 10/09/2007 02:13 AM Jason knichel

removed some TODOs

134 10/09/2007 02:08 AM Jason knichel

removed more dead code

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