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Name Size Revision Age Author Comment
  code 1369 about 14 years Evan Mullinix updated unit test of motors
  data 1330 over 14 years Nico Paris Changed font size
  docs 1145 over 14 years Martin Herrmann Generated documentation for new orbs code
  hardware 589 over 15 years Austin Buchan added tricolor datasheet in htm form
  pub 1341 over 14 years Justin Scheiner More changes to the presentation. FINAL VERSION...

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
1369 09/02/2009 08:14 PM Evan Mullinix

updated unit test of motors

1368 09/02/2009 07:38 PM David Schultz

test of usb read/write functions is successful

1365 09/01/2009 01:02 AM David Schultz

removed dragonfly_init() from each unit test and renamed files to comply with new naming convention.

1364 09/01/2009 12:36 AM Brad Neuman

changed main.c in the test project to call dragonfly_init

1363 09/01/2009 12:25 AM Brad Neuman

made the test framework a bit more clear (or maybe more confusing?)

1362 08/31/2009 10:18 PM David Schultz

Added test for usb output functions

1361 08/10/2009 12:37 PM Justin Scheiner

Made some small changes reading through the code, no mex file compiler at home so I might have broken it.. but probably not.

1354 06/01/2009 03:28 PM Chris Mar

adding keyboard remote control for testing...still in progress.

1349 05/23/2009 01:52 PM Chris Mar

re-wrote joystick remote control code to use packets instead of single bytes over wireless. still needs to be cleaned up. TODO: figure out why robots stops responding to commands.

1341 05/05/2009 11:52 PM Justin Scheiner

More changes to the presentation. FINAL VERSION!!!!!

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