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  branches 1241 almost 15 years Andrew Yeager Server code does forward kinematic calculations
  trunk 1273 almost 15 years Evan Mullinix added add command to read all bom data

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1273 05/02/2009 06:30 PM Evan Mullinix

added add command to read all bom data

1272 05/02/2009 06:17 PM Martin Herrmann

Added "interactive" command in server mode
Moved hardware_init out of interactive_main
Made calling interactive_main/server_main more consistent

1271 05/02/2009 06:01 PM Martin Herrmann

Added "start_test bom emitter..." and "start_test bom detector"
Bugfix: bom dump reading rangefinder values

1270 05/02/2009 05:17 PM Evan Mullinix

trying to debug bom communication

1269 05/02/2009 05:10 PM Martin Herrmann

Improved robot sensor dump format

1268 05/02/2009 05:03 PM Nico Paris

Updates to .pptx version of poster. Template 100% done. Abstract edited and placed.

1267 05/02/2009 04:57 PM Martin Herrmann

Improved station dump mode
Added station dump ADC mode
Removed IBOM debug functions (superseded by dump mode)

1266 05/02/2009 04:24 PM Kevin Woo

Made is so that hardware_dynamos.c does not mess up anyone else who is using
external interrupts by blowing away their interrupt settings.

1265 05/02/2009 04:21 PM Abraham Levkoy

Added mapping data.

1264 05/02/2009 04:13 PM Evan Mullinix

implemented sending bom data

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