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  code 1141 almost 14 years Martin Herrmann
  data 5 over 15 years Eugene Marinelli Created trunkand branches directories
  docs 1034 about 14 years Abraham Levkoy pictures of environments for test 4-7
  hardware 589 about 15 years Austin Buchan added tricolor datasheet in htm form
  pub 1069 about 14 years Kevin Woo Added historic SURG grants.

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# Date Author Comment
1141 04/16/2009 05:52 PM Martin Herrmann
1137 04/14/2009 05:36 PM John Sexton

Added functions to allow for user-viewable data dump versus a computer-usable data dump. Code will sample specified ports and print values. Was used
to determine which ports are being used for the inverse BOM.

1136 04/14/2009 12:53 PM John Sexton

Includes code to sample all analog inputs. Used to determine which ports the inverse BOM are connected to.

1135 04/14/2009 12:46 AM Justin Scheiner

Committing some test files, as well as an updated version of the sensor mapping code.

1134 04/14/2009 12:29 AM Justin Scheiner

Added a heavily modified version of map.m called sensor_map, which first constructs a sensor model, then maps data according to the sensor model.
NEEDS to be converted to log-odds to speed up computation. There is still a transformation that needs to take place per datapoint per sensor, but ...

1133 04/13/2009 11:38 PM John Sexton

Small update to code which reads analog ports.

1127 04/09/2009 07:00 PM Abraham Levkoy

Put smart run around FSM in autonomous mapping program
Robot goes into BACKWARDS mode a few seconds after starting up and apparently cannot be diverted

1125 04/09/2009 06:20 PM Abraham Levkoy

made packet group and packet type for odometry packets separate #defines

1124 04/09/2009 06:10 PM Abraham Levkoy

got rid of old stuff for driving from the computer

1123 04/08/2009 11:27 PM John Sexton

Updated README files to better reflect folder contents.

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