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  bin 1020 over 15 years Brian Coltin Now runs at a reasonable speed.
  core 1140 about 15 years Bradley Yoo it's slightly better
  gui 1115 about 15 years Rich Hong Smart run around mostly works!!! Thanks to Bri...
Makefile 859 Bytes 1068 over 15 years Andrew Yeager Added replay functionality and command line arg...
circles.c 697 Bytes 1113 about 15 years Nico Paris Polished file. Added includes

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1140 04/15/2009 05:24 PM Bradley Yoo

it's slightly better

1129 04/10/2009 04:03 PM Brad Neuman

actually found a bug in smar run around using the simulator where the omega is > 255, which causes the robot in the simulator to stop moving.

Also added a hack to make the robot start at a non-90 degree angle

1128 04/09/2009 08:46 PM Andrew Yeager

Added library for wireless

1115 04/08/2009 05:42 PM Rich Hong

Smart run around mostly works!!!

Thanks to Brian for fixing a bug in motion code
divide by 0 zero error in motion.c

Makefile cleans .csim and copy it over

GUI no longer fill the robot

1114 04/08/2009 05:13 PM Brad Neuman

changed the sigchld handler to only wait on robot proc's so that it doesn't try to wait on gui things

1113 04/08/2009 04:45 PM Nico Paris

Polished file. Added includes

1101 04/05/2009 07:39 PM Brad Neuman

added some vague file type checking to prevent running simulator in simulator
updated the makefile to make simulator executable filenames end in .csim

1096 04/03/2009 04:26 PM Brad Neuman

cleanup on robot exit

1094 04/01/2009 10:28 PM Rich Hong

simulating rangefinder and smart run around

changed the position of IR sensors defined in libsim
libsim and libdragonfly use different numbering for IRs (#418, #419)
added smart_run_around to template, right now it just hits wall, backs
up then segfaults

1092 04/01/2009 05:03 PM Ben Poole

slowed down motion and hacked more crap

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