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  autonomous_recharging 992 over 15 years ttf
  diagnostics 1119 about 15 years Emily Hart The server code.
  encoders 880 over 15 years Brian Coltin Created simulator branch. Sorry for adding new ...
  library_refactor 1132 about 15 years Martin Herrmann Cleanup/Documentation
  rbom 863 over 15 years Austin Buchan BOM1.5 Driver complete, test case is in templat...
  simulator 1130 about 15 years Brad Neuman moved the smart-runaround stuff from template t...

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# Date Author Comment
1132 04/12/2009 09:21 PM Martin Herrmann


1131 04/10/2009 09:54 PM Martin Herrmann

Cleaned up lights.h
Implemented predefined color setting
Implemented binary/PWM mode switching

1130 04/10/2009 06:36 PM Brad Neuman

moved the smart-runaround stuff from template to a new folder and restored the old template
implemented usb_put* which just outputs to stdio

1129 04/10/2009 04:03 PM Brad Neuman

actually found a bug in smar run around using the simulator where the omega is > 255, which causes the robot in the simulator to stop moving.

Also added a hack to make the robot start at a non-90 degree angle

1128 04/09/2009 08:46 PM Andrew Yeager

Added library for wireless

1126 04/09/2009 06:52 PM Martin Herrmann

Saved 53%-62% processor time on orbs sorting

1119 04/08/2009 09:57 PM Emily Hart

The server code.

1116 04/08/2009 09:39 PM Emily Hart

Added server code.

1115 04/08/2009 05:42 PM Rich Hong

Smart run around mostly works!!!

Thanks to Brian for fixing a bug in motion code
divide by 0 zero error in motion.c

Makefile cleans .csim and copy it over

GUI no longer fill the robot

1114 04/08/2009 05:13 PM Brad Neuman

changed the sigchld handler to only wait on robot proc's so that it doesn't try to wait on gui things

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