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robot_shared.h 667 Bytes 988 almost 14 years Brian Coltin Refactored simulator, set some stuff up to work...

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988 01/31/2009 12:45 PM Brian Coltin

Refactored simulator, set some stuff up to work with multiple robots.

987 01/30/2009 05:35 PM Andrew Yeager

Including common directory in commit

982 01/29/2009 06:44 PM Andrew Yeager

Added shared memory setup code to the create_robot function. Need to
write the cleanup code still. Exec call is failing but wasn't
succeeding before code change either.

977 01/28/2009 07:39 PM David Schultz

added robot shared memory id to simulator structure

972 01/28/2009 06:22 PM David Schultz

update to robot shared header

964 01/23/2009 05:50 PM David Schultz

added some structs to the common header file

950 12/27/2008 12:23 AM Brian Coltin

Updated makefile to compile binaries for simulator.

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