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402 01/29/2008 07:38 PM Greg Tress

updated error message in applet

401 01/29/2008 07:24 PM Eugene Marinelli

changed makefile of colonetserver

400 01/29/2008 07:20 PM Greg Tress

updated makefile; added signed applet functionality

399 01/29/2008 07:14 PM Eugene Marinelli

colonet wireless now setting com port and checking for wlinit errors

398 01/29/2008 07:09 PM Justin Scheiner

Commented a bit, just getting ready to start SLAM work in earnest.

397 01/29/2008 06:59 PM Eugene Marinelli

added error returns to some libwireless functions, handled in server.

396 01/29/2008 06:56 PM Greg Tress

fixed Makefile jar function

395 01/29/2008 06:55 PM Justin Scheiner

Added the data response code to the slam project folder

394 01/29/2008 06:53 PM Justin Scheiner

Cleaned up to begin anew with the new data response code.

393 01/29/2008 06:52 PM Justin Scheiner

Fixed the BOM response code, needs to be tested.

392 01/29/2008 06:37 PM Eugene Marinelli

moved colonet_wireless into the colonet server

391 01/29/2008 06:32 PM Eugene Marinelli

some cleanup in colonetserver

390 01/29/2008 06:19 PM Greg Tress

updated index file for gui

389 01/29/2008 06:10 PM Greg Tress

added befault button functionality for colonet gui

388 01/29/2008 06:04 PM Eugene Marinelli

changes to colonet index

387 01/29/2008 05:55 PM Greg Tress

updated colonet gui Makefile

386 01/29/2008 05:53 PM Eugene Marinelli

Added a README for colonet. Removed some unused files. Some other minor cleanup.

385 01/29/2008 05:50 PM Greg Tress

Changed defoult colonet location to localhost

384 01/29/2008 05:43 PM Greg Tress

Added jar function to colonet gui Makefile

383 01/28/2008 09:40 PM Brad Neuman

IT WORKS! i cleared portb. oops.....

382 01/28/2008 08:25 PM Brian Coltin

Oops, #define was wrong in last commit.

381 01/28/2008 08:03 PM Brian Coltin

Added packet type for recharging to wireless.

380 01/28/2008 07:42 PM Jason knichel

fixed some style stuff

379 01/28/2008 07:09 PM Jason knichel

fixed some style stuff

378 01/28/2008 06:54 PM Jason knichel

fixed style problems

377 01/25/2008 06:07 PM Kevin Woo

Cleaned syntax.

376 01/25/2008 11:08 AM Greg Tress

fixed typo in Makefile

375 01/24/2008 09:39 PM Greg Tress

adjusted applet layout

374 01/24/2008 09:37 PM Greg Tress

added installation function to colonet gui Makefile

373 01/24/2008 09:17 PM Greg Tress

fixed problem with Linux java implementation in Makefile

372 01/24/2008 08:38 PM Greg Tress

Added makefile for Colonet GUI

371 01/24/2008 08:00 PM Greg Tress

removed XCode-specific files from GUI folder

370 01/24/2008 07:57 PM Greg Tress

removed XCode-specific files from GUI folder

369 01/23/2008 10:01 PM Austin Buchan

First crack at BOMv1.5 driver code. Pindefs are correct and the existing functions still work. At the moment the main function controls the clock and data of the rbom so you can shift things around. TODO: get bom_set_emitters working to correctly shift 16 bits around. Eventually this will have to be merged with the new bom code that James wrote, probably manually.

368 01/23/2008 09:57 PM Austin Buchan

Fixed a mistake in the schematic (current limit resistor going to vcc)

367 01/23/2008 09:18 PM Kevin Woo

SPI Master->Slave works. Slave->Master not working yet. /template/main.c has the test bench. Yay!

366 01/22/2008 09:39 PM Justin Scheiner

The lib things were just because of a few recompilations.
Data requests project works for IR, the problems with IR were almost definitely the problems with the others (encoder / BOM data).
I'll fix the code for those next time, and then begin work on encoders....

365 01/22/2008 08:43 PM Austin Buchan

made a copy

364 01/22/2008 08:42 PM Austin Buchan

who knows?

363 01/22/2008 08:42 PM Rich Hong

Add battery stuff to charging station

362 01/22/2008 08:38 PM Austin Buchan

deleting rbom branch since it was done wrong the first time

361 01/22/2008 08:02 PM Evan Mullinix

added constant for battery packets

360 01/22/2008 08:01 PM Evan Mullinix

added battery level request handling and sending

359 01/22/2008 07:58 PM Austin Buchan

Branching for BOM v1.5 testing

358 01/22/2008 07:56 PM Austin Buchan

added some notes about the lcd header

357 01/22/2008 07:56 PM Austin Buchan

Added some notes about the lcd header

356 01/22/2008 07:33 PM Brad Neuman

forgot the Makefile

355 01/22/2008 07:29 PM Brad Neuman

working on getting I2C working. its not.

354 01/22/2008 07:22 PM Jason knichel

added some TODO statements to lights.c

353 01/22/2008 07:12 PM Jason knichel

made part of the code more readable

352 01/22/2008 06:55 PM Jason knichel

added some TODO statements to bom.c

351 01/22/2008 06:43 PM Jason knichel

added some TODO to analog.c

350 01/21/2008 09:23 PM Kevin Woo

Changed formatting so that it isn't as messy. Probably won't compile.
Still probably doesn't work.

349 01/21/2008 08:05 PM Eugene Marinelli

minor code movement

348 01/21/2008 07:44 PM Eugene Marinelli

fixed some warnings in colonet robot code

347 01/21/2008 07:18 PM Eugene Marinelli

fixed dumb wl library bug

346 01/21/2008 07:00 PM Brian Coltin

Undid Jason's style changes. I like tabs.

345 01/21/2008 06:57 PM Austin Buchan

Exported the dragonfly board layout and schematic as images so they can at least be viewed on machines without a cracked copy of eagle

344 01/19/2008 02:50 PM Greg Tress

colonet_dragonfly compiles now, with warnings

343 12/19/2007 09:28 PM Jason knichel

changed the brace style and reformatted the files

342 12/19/2007 09:01 PM Jason knichel

added some flags to the make computer target
checked some calls of malloc to make sure that it didn't return null

341 12/17/2007 06:13 PM Greg Tress

minor changes to gui, plus documentation

340 12/15/2007 03:51 PM Brian Coltin

We're ready to do a two robot autonomous recharging video with run around, aside from some docking problems. There seem to be wireless issues with three robots, however.

339 12/15/2007 03:38 PM Brian Coltin

Fixed analog bug again. Why does it keep coming back?

338 12/15/2007 03:04 PM Brian Coltin

Copying Kevin's analog code over from the analog branch.

337 12/15/2007 03:02 PM Brian Coltin

Minor updates to recharging, but the charging board no longer appears to tell us when we're done.

336 12/15/2007 02:01 PM Brian Coltin

Updated wireless to use a circular buffer instead of a queue using malloc. Tested on both the computer and robots with a token ring, and was successful.

335 12/12/2007 10:46 PM James Kong

Rewrote bom.c and bom.h for the new analog8 code and for compatibility with bom 1.5 and
rbom. BOM values are now buffered and updating them will require a call to bom_refresh.
Old bom function calls have been left for backwards compatibility, but are now ...

334 12/12/2007 07:51 PM Greg Tress

Added battery request functionaltiy. It works, but is kind of a hack. I will be cleaning it up so the format is the same as other requests.

333 12/12/2007 07:49 PM Greg Tress

Added battery packet parsing. The applet now correctly displays battery information sent from a robot using the graphical battery meter.

332 12/12/2007 07:06 PM Evan Mullinix
331 12/12/2007 07:04 PM Chris Mar

rangefinders work w/ buffer.
new function names:
- analog8() = use buffer
- analog_get8() = direct

330 12/12/2007 06:44 PM Evan Mullinix
329 12/10/2007 10:07 PM Greg Tress

added rudimentary battery request detection, for demonstartion only and not for permanent implementation. note that the current code detects battery lookup as a commond, not a request. once the request system works, this will be changed in the colonet dragonfly file and the applet. the server currently does not respond with a proper packet.

328 12/10/2007 09:48 PM James Kong

Kevin you suck. -- Chris Your code does not compile. --Brian and Chris I changed analog8 to be what you had as analog_get8, and I did change the methods used in rangefinders and BOM.

327 12/10/2007 09:22 PM Evan Mullinix

Battery meter is smaller

326 12/10/2007 08:35 PM Brian Coltin

Oops, ignore last edit.

325 12/10/2007 08:33 PM Brian Coltin

Disabled debugging mode by default.

324 12/09/2007 02:10 AM Kevin Woo

Commented analog.c and analog.h.

Brian forgot to update bom.c and rangefinder.c to use analog_get8 and
analog8 respecitively when he swapped the function names in analog.c.
This has been fixed. Code not tested or compiled but should be ok.

323 12/08/2007 10:07 PM Greg Tress

Removed debugging statements.

322 12/08/2007 08:18 PM Brian Coltin

Copied new analog code into recharging branch.

321 12/08/2007 08:16 PM Brian Coltin

Recharging still doesn't work with analog - analog not giving correct values.

320 12/07/2007 04:43 PM Greg Tress

battery meter is in testing stage, included in the gui now.

319 12/07/2007 04:11 PM Greg Tress
318 12/06/2007 07:10 PM Brian Coltin

Analog out of bounds memory access error fixed.

317 12/05/2007 07:46 PM Ben Poole
316 12/05/2007 07:46 PM Ben Poole

SPI update, still not functional

315 12/05/2007 06:43 PM Brian Coltin

Removed dos line break.

314 12/05/2007 06:40 PM Kevin Woo

Updated BOM and rangefinder to use new analog. Entering alpha testing phase.

313 12/05/2007 06:04 PM Rich Hong

code clean up

312 12/03/2007 10:06 PM Kevin Woo

analog works on updating. Need to do code cleanup. Tested everything except analog8 and analog10.

311 12/03/2007 09:50 PM Evan Mullinix

GUI battery meter added

310 12/03/2007 09:37 PM John Sexton

Uploaded excel worksheet documenting voltage experiments.

309 12/03/2007 09:30 PM Eugene Marinelli

Brian committing from Eugene's account - Fixed Justin's port code. Wireless no longer needs gtkterm open to work with the baud rate. Untested on mac. Queue is thread safe on the computer (not robot). You may need to unplug and replug the xbee for it to work.

308 12/03/2007 09:28 PM Evan Mullinix

GUI battery meter added

307 12/03/2007 09:23 PM Eugene Marinelli

added a colonet run targete

306 12/03/2007 09:17 PM Greg Tress
305 12/03/2007 09:09 PM David Schultz

updated lemmings - smoother leader transitions

304 12/03/2007 05:49 PM Jason knichel

my C presentation given during a friday meeting

303 11/28/2007 05:48 PM Eugene Marinelli