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1857 11/05/2010 12:36 AM Dan Jacobs

minor bug fix, 2nd attempt

1856 11/05/2010 12:35 AM Dan Jacobs

minor bug fix

1855 11/05/2010 12:27 AM Dan Jacobs

lineFollow now supports merge. line drive is UNTESTED and has NO COMMENTS, but will provide higher level driving control

1854 11/05/2010 12:26 AM Dan Jacobs

lineFollow now supports merge. line drive is UNTESTED and has NO COMMENTS, but will provide higher level driving control

1853 11/03/2010 11:05 PM Dan Jacobs

improved turning

1852 11/02/2010 02:31 PM Ben Wasserman

Moved the old ref code to oldRef, and deleted the files from ref (the .old files).

1851 11/01/2010 08:10 PM Dan Jacobs

Added turning

1850 10/28/2010 10:32 PM Ben Wasserman

Added my RefBot code, and the hunter_prey.* files that it needs. Brad's old code is still existing in main.c.old, and the Makefile for it is in Makefile.old. The new RefBot runs on a robot, not a USB XBee.

1849 10/28/2010 07:20 PM Ben Wasserman

Removed all the unnecessary files that get added when compiling in James' hunter prey directory.

1848 10/26/2010 10:37 PM James Carroll

added Carroll James' hunter prey corrected to bosserman's wireless specifications

1847 10/26/2010 10:15 PM Alex Zirbel

Added james' hunter-prey folder.

1846 10/26/2010 07:08 PM Ben Wasserman

Fixed the #include so it can find the linefollow header. This should be fixed so it can find the .h file in the proper directory. Also added lineFollow.c and lineFollow.h to this directory so main can find them. They will not be updated when the real copies update.

1845 10/22/2010 05:03 PM Devendra Gurjar

Updated linefollowing/barcode code.
Makefile is configured to OSX to annoy Dan.

1844 10/22/2010 04:11 PM Ben Wasserman

Added beginning of wireless protocol for traffic navigation, and added code for handling intersections, with the exception of that code that involves navigating the intersection (so just the code that deals with wireless, the intersection queue (as I see it), and deciding when to go).

1843 10/22/2010 12:20 PM Ben Wasserman

Added the traffic_navigation directory to projects in trunk, and inserted my preliminary main function. As of now, it relies on the linefollowing code in the other project directory.

1842 10/19/2010 08:30 PM Dan Jacobs

Some barcode code

1841 10/16/2010 06:34 PM Dan Jacobs

Added line following

1840 10/14/2010 07:51 PM Alex Zirbel

Added james and ben's hunter prey code.

1839 10/07/2010 10:17 PM Devendra Gurjar

implemented bad line following, which dan will make magical.

1838 10/07/2010 10:01 PM Devendra Gurjar

Working code that outputs orbs for the darker side

1837 10/07/2010 08:54 PM Devendra Gurjar

Updated unit tests (correctly this time)

1836 10/07/2010 08:47 PM Devendra Gurjar

update the ir unit test

1835 10/07/2010 08:29 PM Devendra Gurjar

Inserted linefollowing code into main.c
Updated test_ir unit test

1834 10/07/2010 07:30 PM Devendra Gurjar

Copied template to linefollowing directory

1833 10/07/2010 07:27 PM Devendra Gurjar

Removed the linefollowing folder

1832 10/07/2010 07:26 PM Devendra Gurjar

Accidently added linefollowing folder in /projects

1830 10/05/2010 06:42 PM Ben Wasserman

Removed the _ from the function head in test_lights.c so all unit tests compile.

1827 08/28/2010 02:49 PM Ben Wasserman

Unittests: Added test_ir.c to test new IR receivers for line following, and modified main.c to only use testir.

1826 05/12/2010 08:57 PM Emily Hart

Added Butterworth filtering code.

1815 05/04/2010 10:40 PM Chris Mar

added MoM 2010 poster on formation control

1809 05/04/2010 03:57 PM Joel Rey

Woking version

1808 04/28/2010 11:13 PM Alex Zirbel

Circle.c in formation control works, but shakily. Some of the best robots can execute the code, but sloppily. More recovery code and error checking code needs to be integrated. Higher level code works. Turning as a group was implemented. This is a relatively stable version of circle.

1807 04/28/2010 09:36 PM Alex Zirbel

Added a turn method to the code, which theoretically works now. Circle.c.

1806 04/28/2010 03:20 PM Alex Zirbel

Made some slight upgrades to cicle.c, cincluding formatting.

1805 04/28/2010 03:06 AM Alex Zirbel

Changed the turning methods to simpler versions which should work more consistently -circle.c

1800 04/21/2010 08:58 PM Abraham Levkoy

Robots still oscillate while facing in wrong direction

1799 04/21/2010 08:09 PM Abraham Levkoy

This is broken

1796 04/21/2010 07:50 PM Alex Zirbel

Trying to refresh circle aboutFace()

1787 04/19/2010 08:24 PM David Schultz

added fall 09 surg to the repository

1786 04/19/2010 08:07 PM John Sexton

Cleaned up joystickPlayer folder.

1785 04/19/2010 08:05 PM John Sexton

Rearranged hunter_prey joystickPlayer file structure.

1778 04/16/2010 01:19 PM Brad Neuman

changed joystick player robot to have dleays between motion states. It's now less responsive but also resets much less

1777 04/16/2010 12:23 PM Brad Neuman

made human tagging easier and added joystick control code from colonet in a subdir of joystickPlayer

1776 04/16/2010 02:12 AM Alex Zirbel

Updated the correctTurn method to the more general aboutFace code

1775 04/16/2010 02:06 AM Alex Zirbel

Fixed the code so it works again with the restructuring; working on a better turning algorithm.

1774 04/16/2010 01:12 AM Alex Zirbel

Restructured the code to include higher-level programming and states devoted to certain actions.

1771 04/12/2010 09:24 PM Brad Neuman

noob mistake: forgot to add files before checking in joystick stuff

1764 04/10/2010 06:06 PM David Schultz

update to makefile for Brad

1750 04/08/2010 02:21 AM Hanzhang Hu

1. added a folder: encoder_censored_forward, which contains a c file that has this function. Still under testing. And cannot control speed well.
2. test result files for encoder_get_x() for robots 3,4,5,6.

1749 04/07/2010 07:49 PM Alex Zirbel

Documented the circle code extensively. Starting reorganization from procedural to funtion-calling code.

1733 04/02/2010 06:07 PM David Schultz

update to makefile for make demo option. now works under linux

1729 04/02/2010 05:46 PM David Schultz

updated makefile to new make demo code

1725 04/02/2010 01:10 AM Alex Zirbel

Updated circle, trying to fix 3-character packet sending.

1724 04/02/2010 01:03 AM Alex Zirbel

Starting to make the circle move as a group.

1723 04/01/2010 11:41 PM Alex Zirbel

Still editing counting code in circle.c

1722 04/01/2010 11:29 PM Alex Zirbel

Fixed the updated circle code.

1721 04/01/2010 11:26 PM Alex Zirbel

Updated circle so the robot counting should be less buggy.

1720 04/01/2010 11:15 PM Alex Zirbel

Cut out unused parts of circle.c, organized program, fixed a couple bugs

1719 04/01/2010 12:48 AM Alex Zirbel

Fixed circle.c, added comments, tested the program. Added terminal states.

1718 04/01/2010 12:44 AM Alex Zirbel
1717 04/01/2010 12:40 AM Alex Zirbel
1691 03/24/2010 08:40 PM Alex Zirbel
1690 03/24/2010 08:38 PM Alex Zirbel
1681 03/20/2010 06:41 PM David Schultz

updated makefile to include a 'make demo' option

1652 02/24/2010 08:38 PM John Sexton

Fixed a bug with send packet being too small.

1644 02/19/2010 05:46 PM John Sexton

Shortened hunter-prey tag distance in john folder. Deleted unnecessary 500 ms delay.

1643 02/19/2010 04:46 PM John Sexton

Added code to turn left and right instead of always turning one direction.

1641 02/19/2010 12:13 PM John Sexton

Deleted print statement.

1640 02/19/2010 12:03 PM John Sexton

Added code to check BOTH encoders for Prey turning instead of just one.

1639 02/17/2010 09:45 PM Alex Zirbel
1637 02/17/2010 08:49 PM Brad Neuman

added robot testing code for IR data collection

1636 02/17/2010 08:46 PM Brad Neuman

moved code into computer subdir

1635 02/17/2010 08:24 PM Steve DeVincentis

Debugged circle.c so approaching works

1632 02/15/2010 07:25 PM John Sexton

Added #define to parameterize time to wait after TAG.

1629 02/05/2010 09:09 PM David Schultz

fixed not compiling libwireless

1627 02/03/2010 08:52 PM Gautham Nagaraju

More modifications to circle.c

1626 02/03/2010 07:16 PM Gautham Nagaraju

Merged circle code and added comments

1623 01/27/2010 08:50 PM David Schultz

update to test cases in trunk

1622 01/27/2010 06:46 PM Gautham Nagaraju

New version of cicle_spacing. (It works now...). Before merging with circle.

1618 01/21/2010 10:42 PM James Carroll

This code changed the way that the Edges move toward the Center bot, I stopped using Han Jongs methods and added the methods correctTurn, correctApproach is still not functional, also I changed the color skeem for the orbs, going to center is still buggy.

1613 01/20/2010 06:48 PM Austin Buchan

I think this is John's code

1610 01/18/2010 08:18 PM Alex Zirbel

Updated counting robots to work for circle formation. Movement is problematic.

1606 01/02/2010 09:45 PM Emily Hart

Added diagnostic server stuff.

1603 12/07/2009 11:08 AM Justin Scheiner

Small changes.. I definitely wouldn't use this for anything yet.

1602 12/07/2009 11:01 AM Justin Scheiner

Added some test files for fixed point math.

Something definitely broke in cosine when I changed to smaller tables
(which shouldn't have sacrificed any accuracy). Need to investigate...

1599 12/03/2009 02:18 PM Dan Shope

Added rangefinders directory to tools.

Added new software for basic analysis of IR data to be used with the IRcycle.c tool. Native Windows build only for the time being.

1597 12/02/2009 07:45 PM Alex Zirbel

Getting versions of circle.c in sync

1596 12/02/2009 07:34 PM Alex Zirbel

Added comments and minor changes to circle.c

1595 12/02/2009 07:17 PM Alex Zirbel

Removing the old circle-circle2 versions of the code (2)

1594 12/02/2009 07:16 PM Alex Zirbel

Removing the old circle-circle2 versions of the code

1593 12/02/2009 06:38 PM Brad Neuman

removed .a library files from the repository. These will be automatically generated by the Makefile now

1592 12/02/2009 06:29 PM Steve DeVincentis

Included working functionality for Beacon to get acks from each robot.

1586 11/30/2009 02:56 AM Justin Scheiner

Implementation of exponential. Not tested, don't even know if it works at all.

1585 11/26/2009 01:33 PM Justin Scheiner

Cut the trig table sizes in 4 w/ symmetry, etc.

Lazy implementations of sine and tangent (that just
use cosine indirectly).

Addressed edge cases.

Needs EXTENSIVE testing to get a good grip on error bounds.

1582 11/24/2009 05:50 PM John Sexton

Clarified description of the usrBOMvals variable for the bom_get_vector() funcions.

1580 11/23/2009 09:22 PM Gautham Nagaraju

Tried to use bom_get_vector instead of bom_get_max.
It works for the master (still need works), not for the slave (still need to figure out why)

1579 11/23/2009 06:02 PM Justin Scheiner

Initial pass at a 32-bit fixed point library.

- Generated cosine / sine tables, put them in PROGMEM

- Wrote initial quadratic interpolation cosine function.
... not safe to use yet, but it seems to work for non-edge
cases. Need to write a better way to test it.

1574 11/19/2009 02:19 AM Justin Scheiner

Working scheduler.


1573 11/18/2009 11:17 PM Justin Scheiner

svn is being wonky...

Changes to the scheduler, still doesn't work.
avr-gcc has its own convention for saving state
on entry and exit that's the same every time, so
I lean on this now to restore the context.

I think that it's very close,
my guess is that when new tasks are launched, RETI is ...

1571 11/18/2009 08:58 PM Gautham Nagaraju

working version of wednesday 18 nov