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1618 01/21/2010 10:42 PM James Carroll

This code changed the way that the Edges move toward the Center bot, I stopped using Han Jongs methods and added the methods correctTurn, correctApproach is still not functional, also I changed the color skeem for the orbs, going to center is still buggy.

1613 01/20/2010 06:48 PM Austin Buchan

I think this is John's code

1610 01/18/2010 08:18 PM Alex Zirbel

Updated counting robots to work for circle formation. Movement is problematic.

1606 01/02/2010 09:45 PM Emily Hart

Added diagnostic server stuff.

1603 12/07/2009 11:08 AM Justin Scheiner

Small changes.. I definitely wouldn't use this for anything yet.

1602 12/07/2009 11:01 AM Justin Scheiner

Added some test files for fixed point math.

Something definitely broke in cosine when I changed to smaller tables
(which shouldn't have sacrificed any accuracy). Need to investigate...

1599 12/03/2009 02:18 PM Dan Shope

Added rangefinders directory to tools.

Added new software for basic analysis of IR data to be used with the IRcycle.c tool. Native Windows build only for the time being.

1597 12/02/2009 07:45 PM Alex Zirbel

Getting versions of circle.c in sync

1596 12/02/2009 07:34 PM Alex Zirbel

Added comments and minor changes to circle.c

1595 12/02/2009 07:17 PM Alex Zirbel

Removing the old circle-circle2 versions of the code (2)

1594 12/02/2009 07:16 PM Alex Zirbel

Removing the old circle-circle2 versions of the code

1593 12/02/2009 06:38 PM Brad Neuman

removed .a library files from the repository. These will be automatically generated by the Makefile now

1592 12/02/2009 06:29 PM Steve DeVincentis

Included working functionality for Beacon to get acks from each robot.

1586 11/30/2009 02:56 AM Justin Scheiner

Implementation of exponential. Not tested, don't even know if it works at all.

1585 11/26/2009 01:33 PM Justin Scheiner

Cut the trig table sizes in 4 w/ symmetry, etc.

Lazy implementations of sine and tangent (that just
use cosine indirectly).

Addressed edge cases.

Needs EXTENSIVE testing to get a good grip on error bounds.

1582 11/24/2009 05:50 PM John Sexton

Clarified description of the usrBOMvals variable for the bom_get_vector() funcions.

1580 11/23/2009 09:22 PM Gautham Nagaraju

Tried to use bom_get_vector instead of bom_get_max.
It works for the master (still need works), not for the slave (still need to figure out why)

1579 11/23/2009 06:02 PM Justin Scheiner

Initial pass at a 32-bit fixed point library.

- Generated cosine / sine tables, put them in PROGMEM

- Wrote initial quadratic interpolation cosine function.
... not safe to use yet, but it seems to work for non-edge
cases. Need to write a better way to test it.

1574 11/19/2009 02:19 AM Justin Scheiner

Working scheduler.


1573 11/18/2009 11:17 PM Justin Scheiner

svn is being wonky...

Changes to the scheduler, still doesn't work.
avr-gcc has its own convention for saving state
on entry and exit that's the same every time, so
I lean on this now to restore the context.

I think that it's very close,
my guess is that when new tasks are launched, RETI is ...

1571 11/18/2009 08:58 PM Gautham Nagaraju

working version of wednesday 18 nov

1569 11/18/2009 08:37 PM John Sexton

Cleaning up ir_branch to Make correctly.

1568 11/18/2009 08:27 PM Steve DeVincentis

Fixed beacon robot wireless and working on Edge robot wireless

1567 11/18/2009 08:24 PM John Sexton

Fixing tools to Make correctly in Trunk. Reorganizing ir_branch to Make correctly.

1564 11/18/2009 06:56 PM Gautham Nagaraju

changes of wednesday 18 nov

1561 11/16/2009 09:53 PM David Schultz

Updated all makefiles. You may need to update the port settings to get your project to program the robots again.

1559 11/16/2009 08:56 PM John Sexton

Fixed Makefile for circle_spacing behavior. Now links to the repository library.

1558 11/16/2009 08:44 PM Gautham Nagaraju

Submitting circle spacing code. Will evenly place the robot on the circle.

1557 11/16/2009 08:27 PM John Sexton

Adding folder for circle spacing code. Behavior should attempt to space robots equally on a given radius of a circle around a central robot.

1555 11/16/2009 08:10 PM Alex Zirbel

Circle Formation: added wireless and updated

1553 11/16/2009 07:51 PM John Sexton

Removed old rangefinder folder in trunk/projects. This folder has been moved to its own branch.

1552 11/16/2009 07:50 PM Alex Zirbel

Converted Circle formation to a state machine

1549 11/16/2009 07:31 PM John Sexton

Updated IR rangefinder lookup table. Now reports in millimeters with an accuracy of +-10mm.

1548 11/16/2009 06:46 PM Dan Shope

Updated rangefinder.h with new MIN_ADC and MAX_ADC values

1546 11/16/2009 03:20 AM Justin Scheiner

Broke build.

1545 11/16/2009 03:20 AM Justin Scheiner


Defaults to main,
Creates launch stacks (just realized this is sort of backwards),
Returns to tasks that are already running.

1544 11/16/2009 03:10 AM Justin Scheiner

I gave the scheduler a crack based on avrOS and the code
from 18348 that I think caused John to add these skeleton files.

Very very basic preemptive task scheduling that runs through the
list of tasks, checks if they are ready to run based on a timer period...

1542 11/14/2009 02:28 AM John Sexton

Changed Push-Pull to display BOM histogram as well as net IR BOM vector. Changed BOM Tracker to print an x,y pair separated by a comma so the data
can be saved and read in by MATLAB for analysis.

1540 11/14/2009 01:24 AM John Sexton

Edited BOM Tracker project Makefile to make correctly. Removed old test file for net IR BOM vector from behaviors folder. Cleaning up Push-Pull
behavior to remove code which was moved into BOM library.

1539 11/14/2009 01:20 AM John Sexton

Renamed old file used to test net BOM IR vector calculations to new BOM tracker file.

1538 11/14/2009 01:18 AM John Sexton

Copying over files originally used to test net BOM IR vector calculations. They will now be used to try tracking the location of one robot in 2D

1537 11/14/2009 01:15 AM John Sexton

Created project directory to investigate using the BOMs to track robots in 2D space.

1536 11/14/2009 01:05 AM John Sexton

Merged new BOM vector functions into the trunk and did a "make dist" to recompile the library. Also brought over C file used to test new BOM
function behavior.

1530 11/13/2009 10:19 PM John Sexton

Recompiled library to incorporate new BOM histogram print function. Push-Pull behavior currently prints the BOM intensity histogram and the resultant
vector over USB.

1529 11/13/2009 09:59 PM John Sexton

Merged new function to print BOM intensity histogram into the trunk.

1525 11/13/2009 06:13 PM John Sexton

Cleaning up folders added for demonstration purposes.

1524 11/13/2009 05:38 PM Alex Zirbel

Added comments to circle formation code

1523 11/13/2009 05:17 PM James Kong

Made changes to newfile.c

1522 11/13/2009 05:16 PM James Kong

Added newfile changed main.c in james dummy folder

1521 11/13/2009 05:04 PM James Kong

Added danshope

1520 11/13/2009 05:00 PM James Kong

Changed main.c in james dummy folder

1519 11/13/2009 04:59 PM James Kong

Added dummy james folder

1517 11/11/2009 08:25 PM Alex Zirbel

Updated circle formation behavior

1515 11/11/2009 06:11 PM John Sexton

Updated BOM Vector Component Table calculator to round towards 0 instead
of rounding towards -infinity. This makes vector components symmetric
around 0 and within error bound calculations.

1514 11/10/2009 09:25 PM John Sexton

Remove template "main.c" file. Appropriate Circle behavior code can be found in "circle.c" file.

1512 11/10/2009 02:53 AM John Sexton

Edited BOM Vector Component Tables with values which will gaurantee that worst case net vector sum will not overflow an integer data type (16 bits).
Also changed Makefile to have TARGET=push_pull. Also added functionality to MATLAB script so that it will automatically calculate the BOM Vector ...

1511 11/10/2009 02:09 AM John Sexton

Renamed Push-Pull behavior code file to "push_pull.c"

1510 11/10/2009 01:30 AM John Sexton

Implementing function to calculate get_bom_vector() function. Added
MATLAB script to assist in calculating the scalar value used to scale up
the BOM unit vectors such that the worst case sum will not overflow an
int data type.

1509 11/09/2009 09:09 PM John Sexton

Cleaned up the Circle behavior folder in the "formation_control" folder. Now compiles correctly with the current version of the repository library.

1508 11/09/2009 09:02 PM John Sexton

Making bom_get_vector() function which should eventually be placed into the library.

1507 11/09/2009 08:12 PM Nico Paris

Added folder for basic Circle formation.
Also included is the beacon robot code.

Could use some cleaning as it uses the lab 2 template as a base.

What it does: very basic Circle formation without much error checking.

1504 11/08/2009 03:58 AM John Sexton

Updated comments to correctly reflect the meaning of the x and y

1503 11/08/2009 03:13 AM John Sexton

Progress on Push-Pull. Added a divide-by-zero check. Also fixed an
error (added code to clear accumulators each time through the loop).

1502 11/08/2009 01:29 AM John Sexton

Wrote Push-Pull behavior to print the net BOM intensity vector over serial.

1501 11/07/2009 11:01 PM John Sexton

Updated Hunter-Prey implementation. Motors didn't turn off during wait state. Fixed now.

1500 11/07/2009 09:37 PM John Sexton

Commented the template file and my implementation of Hunter-Prey to make the code easier to follow.

1498 11/07/2009 08:21 PM John Sexton

Creating "template" to use as a starting point for developing new

1497 11/07/2009 08:04 PM John Sexton

Cleaning up the template folder for behaviors.

1496 11/07/2009 07:17 PM John Sexton

Reverted "libdragonfly" folder back to version before Init Checking was implemented and did "make dist" to recompile the library. BOM LEDs now shine

1495 11/07/2009 06:15 PM John Sexton

Reverted to library before Init Function Checking to fix BOMs which did not work.

1487 11/07/2009 03:36 PM John Sexton

Updating Makefiles for Hunter-Prey implementations. Updating COLONYROOT location.

1486 11/07/2009 03:07 PM John Sexton

Adding my implementation of Hunter-Prey to the collection.

1485 11/07/2009 02:59 PM John Sexton

Cleaning up different Hunter-Prey implementations.

1484 11/07/2009 02:51 PM John Sexton

Moving behaviors from the "Projects" directory into the appropriate "Behaviors" directory.

1483 11/07/2009 02:48 PM John Sexton

Creating directory for "Push/Pull" formation behavior.

1482 11/07/2009 02:44 PM John Sexton

Creating repository space for Formation Control.

1481 11/07/2009 02:41 PM John Sexton

Making file naming consistent (use '_' to separate words, not camel hump).

1480 11/05/2009 02:45 PM David Schultz

program makefile can now autobuild the library

1479 11/05/2009 01:17 AM John Sexton

Set up scheduler.c/.h files with headers comments.

1478 11/05/2009 12:49 AM John Sexton

Collecting necessary files to begin developing timer-based analog

1477 11/05/2009 12:45 AM John Sexton

Collecting necessary files to begin developing timer-based analog scheduling.

1476 11/02/2009 09:55 PM David Schultz

test of consolidating makefile

1475 11/02/2009 08:53 PM Dan Shope

linearize_distance() uses new LUT mapped for (4-30cm) rangefinders. Accuracy +/- 10mm. Need more testing to increase accuracy -- should be able to get +/- 5mm.

1473 10/30/2009 03:28 AM David Schultz

another RAM check update

1472 10/30/2009 03:24 AM David Schultz

updating RAM check to work with linux

1471 10/30/2009 03:20 AM David Schultz

another modification to the RAM check

1469 10/29/2009 12:26 AM Abraham Levkoy

Tried to get it to work to no avail. Various small changes.

1468 10/28/2009 08:45 PM David Schultz

updated checksize in makefile

1467 10/28/2009 04:38 PM Brad Neuman

ref seems to work if everyone behaves

1466 10/28/2009 03:58 PM Brad Neuman

started on the ref bot, added some error checking to the testbench
setting the channel doesnt seem to work, so everyone will have to use C

1465 10/27/2009 02:18 AM David Schultz

Added RAM size check to makefile for unit tests

1464 10/26/2009 09:13 PM Abraham Levkoy

Started work on reference bot

1463 10/24/2009 12:07 AM Brad Neuman

forgot to add test_initx.c

1462 10/23/2009 11:20 PM David Schultz

moved dragonfly definitions to separate header file

1461 10/22/2009 11:01 PM Brad Neuman

updated all the library code to have sensible _init behavior.
Almost all of the library components have a global variable which gets set after init and the functions inside will fail with an error code if init has not been called. Also, the init functions themselves check this variable and will bail out without doing any damage if that init has already been called

1460 10/22/2009 01:19 PM David Schultz

put lcd and rangefinder lookup tables into program space
removed TODO inline comments from wireless library

1458 10/21/2009 05:12 AM Ryan Cahoon

Fixed tabbing/spacing issue

1455 10/20/2009 06:33 PM Dan Shope
1453 10/14/2009 08:44 PM Brad Neuman

fixed some testbench bugs, added command line argument to specify wireless channel and more helpful output to the tester

1452 10/14/2009 08:30 PM David Schultz

update of includes in library, removed unnecessary calls to stdlib.h